Danielle Lloyd was embarrassed by her ''wonky boobs''.

The 36-year-old model credits a breast augmentation, liposuction and Brazilian bum lift that she had in September 2019 at a Turkish clinic with helping her to regain her body confidence and she said she no longer worries about stripping off in front of husband Michael O'Neill, 33.

She told new! magazine: ''I just felt sh*t about myself. It gave me so much confidence. I felt so sexy again and like the old me. Now I'm happy with my body, I don't look at myself and think I look like a 'freak'

''Before, even getting naked in front of Michael made me embarrassed over my wonky boobs. He didn't even notice, but when I showed the before and afters, he said: 'I didn't even realise how bad they were'.''

And Danielle is so pleased by the results of her surgery, that she has set up an OnlyFans account, where she sells racy pictures of herself for cash.

The former glamour model recently explained that Michael doesn't mind and she is thrilled to have gotten her confidence back.

She previously said: ''I just feel so good at the moment, and I thought, why not take advantage of it? I know there's loads of porn on there, but that's not what I'm doing! I'm just posting nice glamour photos.

''Michael isn't bothered. When he met me, he knew what I did for a living, and I've modelled for years!''