Former BOY MEETS WORLD actress Danielle Fishel had no idea her then-boyfriend Lance Bass was gay when the pair dated in the late 1990s. Ex-'N Sync singer Bass revealed he is gay in July (06) and is currently in a relationship with reality show winner REICHEN LEHMKUHL from THE AMAZING RACE. And Fishel, 25, was as surprised as anybody when Bass 'came out.' She says, "I was 17 and I thought he was amazing. I still do, he's one of my closest friends. He's great. "We ended up just breaking up, our schedules were different. "At the time I did not know, even though people had been saying things to me like, 'Do you think maybe...?' and I was like, 'No!' "He was living the life he thought he needed to be living and I'm just so happy for him now that he is now living the life he deserves to live."