Danielle Fishel, former Boy Meets World star, has just married fiancé Tim Belusko, but unfortunately trouble struck on their very first week of marital bliss. To be fair, “trouble” might be a bit strong – tTitter critics probably register as more of a mild annoyance. Still, Fishel chose to respond to the tweets questioning the age gap between her (32) and her new husband (25).

Danielle Fishel, Comcast Entertainment Event
Days after her wedding, Fishel just cant seem to catch a break.

The actress remarked briefly on the subject, explaining that her husband’s age doesn’t matter, because of his maturity and various other admirable qualities. She commented: "People are giving me s**t for marrying someone younger than I am," Fishel wrote on Sunday. "Tim is mature, responsible, loving, & kind. Way to judge people, Internet.”

Danielle Fishel, Comcast Entertainment Summer TCA Party
Fishel quickly learned that the internet can be an unfriendly, unforgiving place.

Apparently this wasn’t the only unwelcome opinion of her and her marriage, however. The actress later responded to what appeared to be comments on her body. Understandably, Fishel sounded more than a little bit peeved in this later tweet. She does have a point there. Fortunately, the actress soon got tired of dealing with the haters and got back to living in newly married bliss.