Danielle Fishel sure is having one busy lead up to Christmas, as the former Boy Meets World star not only graduated from college, but also announced that she has gotten engaged to her college sweetheart.

Fishel, who will be returning to the screen in the Boy Meets World spin-off Girl Meets World next year, decided to return to education four years ago, when she was 27, to study for a degree in psychology from the California State University. In those four years, not only has she been invited back to TV-land to reprised her role as Topanga and gained a college degree, but she also met her new fiancé - whom she met while tutoring math.

Danielle announced the news that she was finally a first-time college graduate through her personal Tumblr, writing "I am officially a college graduate! I took my last two undergraduate finals today and I am so happy, relieved, and proud." She also urged people who may be reluctant to return to education, as she very much was, to consider it all the more as she could sing the praises of being returning to school enough.

In November this year, she and fellow former Boy Meets World co-star Ben Savage announced that they had both signed on to play the adult versions of their original characters Topanga and Cory in the upcoming Girl Meets World. This time round, the pair are married and raising their daughter Riley, who serves as the 'Girl' of the news series, which will air some time next year.