Now back with its fifth season on Netflix, the streaming service's original series 'Orange is the New Black' is treading new waters with its shocking but still sometimes hilarious storylines and dialogue. Taking one of its darkest turns to-date with a gun in the hands of an inmate and a prison riot imminent, everything could be about to change forever in Litchfield Penitentiary.

Laverne Cox is amongst the returning cast in 'Orange is the New Black'Laverne Cox is amongst the returning cast in 'Orange is the New Black'

Danielle Brooks is one of the actresses taking centre-stage as part of the ensemble cast this season, with Taystee making some big decisions that could affect her future as a prisoner. Following the accidental death of her close friend Poussey Washington in season 4 - who was crushed by an untrained police officer - she wants justice, and will get it by any means possible.

"You see them figuring out, 'How can we communicate this strong message to the world and get prison reform?" the actress teased in a chat with EW. "She's trying to form a new foundation with a system that's completely broken."

Danielle Brooks enjoys her role as Taystee in the Netflix seriesDanielle Brooks enjoys her role as Taystee in the Netflix series

Brooks adds: "It's like a tornado hit Litchfield. Every major storm that you could ever think about is hitting Litchfield. We're going to see these women take charge."

"We're watching her try to fight for her life as well as fighting for justice for her friend," she continued. "I feel that when a person has gone through as much as Taystee has gone through, it's really easy for somebody to fall into a depression and feel they have no reason to live. But, there's something in her that just finds her purpose, I think, dealing with this death specifically."

This fifth season is even Brooks' favourite, because of her character's "balls to the wall" approach. "It's one of my favourites. I really loved four but five is just... I just hope people are really moved by it and I can't wait to see it myself."

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Orange is the New Black season 5 is available now on Netflix, alongside seasons 1-4.