When 28.10.2014

Daniel Radcliffe and Juno Temple are interviewed at a press junket for their forthcoming fantasy thriller 'Horns'. They spoke about the horns make-up, the sex scenes between them and working with the real life snakes on set.

'I loved [the horns]. I had a great time, they were very, very quick to put on, they were 20 minutes', Daniel explains. 'The big stuff at the end where I had even bigger make-up was like two hours. Which is crazy for the amount of stuff they did.' Juno admits that she was involved in Daniel's first female sex scene. 'I believe I told you that you were going to be told to put your hand on my ass at some point and it literally happened five minutes into the scene', she revealed. 'The thing is that doing a scene like that when you've become friends with somebody, you just kind of have a laugh with it.' When it came to the snakes on set, it seems both actors were fond of their slithery co-stars. 'The thing with the snakes that I was quite shocked by was how sensual they are', says Juno. 'Which is so interesting when you think about Adam and Eve; I can completely understand someone being slightly seduced by a snake.'


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