Daniel Radcliffe Fun Facts, Quotes and Tweets

21st June 2016

Quote: "They marched me over to him, and I remember having some idea of who he was but not really a full concept. He just said, 'You just tell them you met Mr. Trump'. To this day, I can't even relate to that level of confidence. Imagine if I said, 'Oh, just talk about me during your interview', like, I'm interesting enough to be everyone's story." Daniel Radcliffe on his one and only meeting with U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump prior to an appearance on America's Today show.

28th January 2016

Quote: "I watched the first six minutes of the film and I'm so proud of how dead I f**king look!" Daniel Radcliffe thinks he was a great corpse in quirky new movie Swiss Army Man.

18th January 2016

Quote: "It was my girlfriend (who was) the first person to inform me of my victory. She sent me a text, and she was teasing me. I just find it a bit strange. I never showed my butt last year! But anyway I'm grateful to those who voted for me and I'd be extremely flattered to be considered again next year." Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe on his 2015 Rear of the Year honour. The young actor beat out Fifty Shades of Grey star Jamie Dornan to land the U.K. title.

30th November 2015

Quote: "Nobody I know ever says excitedly, 'Oh, I'm going to check my Facebook.' It always seems like a hassle people have to deal with." Daniel Radcliffe explains why he steers clear of social media.

15th November 2015

Quote: "Probably not as often as I should, but recently." British actor Daniel Radcliffe confesses he doesn't always keep his pubic hair trim.

14th November 2015

Quote: "James is very good at that and I, in my career, have played a lot of characters that get beaten up, so I'm very good at getting fake-beaten up... I'm a very willing body... We just got into it." Daniel Radcliffe admits the fight scenes between himself and James McAvoy in Victor Frankenstein were really physical.

13th November 2015

Quote: "Thankfully, no. That would be a very quick exit for me." Daniel Radcliffe is relieved none of his lovers to date have ever asked him to role-play as Harry Potter in the bedroom.

21st October 2015

Quote: "When I went on (The Tonight Show Starring) Jimmy Fallon and rapped a Blackalicious song, I got a job off that - playing Sam Houser in Game Changer... It made the guy in charge go, 'Oh, he's interested in hip-hop. He's not just a typical posh white boy'." Daniel Radcliffe landed the lead in the upcoming Grand Theft Auto origin movie thanks to a quirky performance on a TV show.

20th October 2015

Quote: "I ran around naked for 10 minutes in a scene that's about sexual failure and horse blinding... I was scared-s**t and 17 when I did Equus... and I was very aware that a certain percentage of that audience was coming to look at my d**k every night... I have a lot of respect for myself for having the balls to do it, so to speak." Daniel Radcliffe on his most revealing role onstage.

19th October 2015

Quote: "I wouldn't be able to take myself seriously as the quarterback in a football movie, which is my one legitimate gripe. I would love to be in a football movie. The only part I would get is the general manager." British actor Daniel Radcliffe fears his size would stop him from landing a dream role as an American football player.

19th October 2015

Quote: "Here's what's scary: If you were 14 when the first film came out, you'd now almost be in your 30s and could well have a child under 10, whom you're now introducing to Harry Potter... That's just bizarre." Daniel Radcliffe on the new generation of young Harry Potter fans.

20th July 2015

Fact: Video footage has emerged showing Daniel Radcliffe rapping to Eminem's hit The Real Slim Shady during a karaoke night in Cameron's Pub in California. The Harry Potter star is joined onstage by his girlfriend Erin Darke, who dances and sings along to the chorus.

15th July 2015

Quote: "I still get people saying, 'Are there going to be any more movies?' And now I can say, 'There actually are. But I'm not going to be in them.' And they're like, 'Oh sorry,' and I'm like, 'They're set in the past. Don't worry about it!'" Daniel Radcliffe assures HARRY POTTER fans he's fine with not appearing in the upcoming spin-off series, FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM. The story takes place 70 years before Harry Potter's tale begins and Eddie Redmayne has already signed up to lead the new film.

23rd April 2015

Fact: Actor Bill Paxton has joined Daniel Radcliffe in the upcoming BBC TV movie Game Changer, detailing a Florida lawyer's real-life attempts to ban violent video game GRAND THEFT AUTO. Paxton will play Jack Thompson, who famously attempted to pull the game from shelves in America, claiming it promoted an obsession with glorifying violence, while the Harry Potter star will portray Sam Houser, the co-founder of Rockstar Games, the company behind the shoot-'em-up game.

8th November 2014

Quote: "I love directing actors. I think I would be really good at that because I’ve seen some people do it really well and some people do it really badly. I’ve been on the end of some really bad direction and later been like, 'Now I know why that wasn’t good and what I would have done differently'. I would definitely like to do that." Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe would love to direct.

7th November 2014

Quote: "There are a lot of actors who don’t learn people’s names... I think that’s disgusting. I’ve always found that horrible when people don’t bother to learn names of people you’re going to be working with for a while... Just make an effort and know the people you’re working with." Daniel Radcliffe makes sure he knows the names of the crew members on all his films.

7th November 2014

Quote: "I had a conversation with Harrison Ford, which was really, really cool. It may have been on the Millennium Falcon, which was also really cool... I can tell you nothing... I was just going around going, 'This is fantastic!'" Daniel Radcliffe was thrilled to land a set visit to the new Star Wars film.

31st October 2014

Quote: "I lose things a lot. At one point I think I probably lost three phones within one year. But I recently lost my iPod, and I thought it was gone forever. After about three months, I found it in my bag in a pocket I didn't even know I had." Daniel Radcliffe struggles to keep track of his gadgets.

31st October 2014

Quote: "I have signed a picture of Elijah Wood, and I think we’ve both said in interviews that we would like to play each other in films of our lives. I was on a red carpet in Japan, and this Japanese man gave me a picture of Elijah, and I knew I wasn’t going to get past the language barrier to explain, so I wrote, 'I am not Elijah Wood, signed Daniel Radcliffe'." Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe is often mistaken for Elijah Wood.

29th October 2014

Quote: "I just started learning guitar, and I'm actually not too bad! Right now I'm using my friend's electric guitar, but I'm going to get one of my own." Actor Daniel Radcliffe has picked up a new musical hobby.

29th October 2014

Quote: "I've never been trick or treating in my life... But I think if I started now, it'll be creepy. It's been suggested that I go as him (Harry Potter), but people would see me and be like, 'You're insane!'" British actor Daniel Radcliffe fears he has missed his chance to take part in the children's Halloween tradition now he's 25.

29th October 2014

Quote: "I'm egalitarian for everything... I have been asked so many times... I mean, it's odd that men are assumed to be not feminist until they are... It's a good thing, obviously, that it's being talked about, but yeah, I'm for equality for everyone, regardless of anything." Daniel Radcliffe insists he stands behind his Harry Potter co-star Emma Watson, who rallied feminists all over the world with her stirring commentary on women's rights and equal pay at the HeForShe campaign against gender inequality launch in New York last month (Sep14).

27th August 2014

Quote: "Zoe wrote me a message on her nipple pasties which said, 'Hi Dan'. It was a concise message. I tried to write, 'Hi Zoe' on my bum but I seem to remember trying to do it in a mirror. My handwriting is not great at the best of times but trying to do it backwards on my backside wouldn't have gone well." Daniel Radcliffe reveals his What If co-star Zoe Kazan's secret to easing the tension before filming a love scene for the movie.

22nd August 2014

Quote: "It was surreal. I associated the show with fame, so when I got the part of Harry (Potter), I thought, 'Maybe I can go on The Simpsons one day!' And I did. I can die happy now." Daniel Radcliffe admits his two guest spots on The Simpsons were career highlights.

20th August 2014

Quote: "I started training for it last year. Lots of running. And sit-ups. Coe would do two sets of 250 push-ups at a time." Actor Daniel Radcliffe on taking on the role of former track star Sebastian Coe in an upcoming biopic.

13th August 2014

Quote: "I always use music to prepare for my work, which you can put down to lack of training, but it is very instant. Music can take you immediately to a different emotional state and that's why it is very useful for my job, and recently Perfume Genius have become my go to." Daniel Radcliffe credits the music of Seattle, Washington-based Mike Hadreas for inspiring his most recent acting work.

11th August 2014

Quote: "I'm going out with my best friend at the moment. And that's, I think, the way it should be... My mum and dad were best friends before they started dating, and now they've been married for 30-something years. So, I think it is a very natural thing. If you can get to a point where you're dating or married to somebody you consider your best friend, that's what will make it work." Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe opens up about his romance with his Kill Your Darlings co-star Erin Darke.

8th August 2014

Quote: "I was very sceptical about them doing a theme park of it, but then I went to the theme park and it genuinely is really cool. Apart from the snow in Florida, it all looks perfect." Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe is a big fan of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park at Universal Orlando in Florida.

8th August 2014

Quote: "Before filming began, he asked for a crew list so that he could memorise the names of all of the crew members. I've never heard of an actor doing that." What If director Michael Dowse praises the film's star Daniel Radcliffe for his incredible work ethic even after years in the business.

7th August 2014

Quote: "Igor was gruelling. I had cracks in my neck I definitely didn't have before. So I'm calling a moratorium on spinally different parts for the next year." Daniel Radcliffe won't be playing anymore disabled characters after portraying Dr. Frankenstein's sidekick on the big screen and starring in The Cripple of Inishmaan onstage.

30th July 2014

Quote: "I was in Toronto and there was a problem with the computer program that prints visas and it was shut down nationwide and so my passport was in the American embassy in Toronto and I couldn't get it back... It looked like maybe we were gonna miss it all, but then we drove to Buffalo and we got through the border." Actor Daniel Radcliffe on his visa nightmare which almost ruined his Comic-Con debut in San Diego, California. The Brit was promoting new film What If in Canada when he found he was stranded. He eventually made it to the world-famous convention on Friday (25Jul14) and hit the floor disguised as Spider-Man.

30th July 2014

Quote: "I was also determined to have some fun while I was there and there's no point going to Comic-Con unless you go on the floor and I'd never been before, so I wanted to go down and see it... so I was dressed as Spider-Man... It was great... It was a really, really good time. I had my assistant with me and my security, just one guy... Spencer, my assistant, was Batman and Sam was a Spartan from (film) 300... My $13 Spider-Man suit looked awesome." Daniel Radcliffe confirms he was the silent Spider-Man many unknowing film fans posed with at Comic-Con in San Diego, California last weekend (25-26Jul14).

23rd July 2014

Quote: "I'm one of the few people who seem to have had a really good first time. It was with somebody I'd gotten to know well. But it wasn't as horrendously embarrassing as a lot of other people's were, like my friend who got drunk and did it with a stranger under a bridge." Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe, who turned 25 on Wednesday (23Jul14), on losing his virginity.

16th July 2014

Quote: "Maybe because I'm an only child, I love the idea of lots of kids. But it will depend to a large part on who I end up having kids with. I think men would be a lot less excited about having kids if we had to actually do it!" Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe is eager to have a big family.

10th July 2014

Quote: "People my age would rather sit in front of a screen analysing someone's potential than going out and meeting in person." British actor Daniel Radcliffe, 24, is baffled by the popularity of online dating websites and apps like Tinder.com.

23rd June 2014

Quote: "If they reboot that again, I'll do that, too. It's happening isn't it? With Ben Affleck. I could be Robin. I'm perfect." Actor Daniel Radcliffe wants to play Batman's sidekick Robin if the new Batman Vs. Superman movie spawns a new Caped Crusader film franchise.

17th May 2014

Quote: "We used to make jokes when we were on (Harry) Potter (set) - before the last book had come out and we didn't know where it was set, we were like, 'Maybe it'll be set in Jamaica!' It's never happened; I've never had a glamorous location, really." Daniel Radcliffe would love to film in paradise.

7th May 2014

Quote: "That would be a horrible move. It would make me very strange. I’ve always had relationships. It’s easy to tell if someone is genuine." Actor Daniel Radcliffe shoots down the possibility of ever dating someone who is a die-hard Harry Potter fan.

23rd April 2014

Quote: "My character talks quite a bit about cows - there's a running joke - so I'll probably end up with a lot of stuffed cows and bells. When I did Equus, I got horses, which I don't understand because my character had a pretty weird relationship with horses. And the artwork you get at stage door is sometimes amazing and sometimes scary. People draw my eyes massive - sometimes I think, 'Jesus Christ, I look like anime.'" Daniel Radcliffe on the odd presents he's received from fans during his current stint on Broadway in The Cripple of Inishmaan.

4th April 2014

Quote: "I never pictured myself feeling so at home in a city that is not London. It's nice to arrive here and not feel like a foreigner." Actor Daniel Radcliffe likes spending time in New York City, where he's currently starring on Broadway in the play The Cripple of Inishmaan.

1st April 2014

Quote: "The thing that terrifies me is missing a show. So far in London or on Broadway I haven't missed a show, so now I've got that record... When I was doing How To Succeed..., waking up every morning going, 'What shape is my voice in today? Am I gonna be able to sing?' was, like, horrible. The day you stop doing a musical and you don't have to worry about that is bliss." Daniel Radcliffe hopes to keep his perfect attendance record intact as he prepares to return to Broadway in The Cripple of Inishmaan next week (12Apr14). He made his debut as a song and dance men in 2011 hit How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.

28th February 2014

Quote: "I would love to do a show with Rupert... We'd be silly to do it any time soon, we're both forging our own paths at the moment. I think at the moment were we to work together it would become about that, about those people Harry Potter characters being reunited, rather than about the show." Daniel Radcliffe on working with Harry Potter co-star Rupert Grint in a play.

6th December 2013

Quote: "A lot of people say I would love it but I just love filming and I love my job and it would mean taking time out of that. There may come a time when I don't like my job as much but I can't see that happening." Daniel Radcliffe is adamant he will not be following his Harry Potter co-star Emma Watson's lead by taking time out to attend university.

24th November 2013

Quote: "I developed it with James Watkins who directed The Woman In Black, and we call it the Fassbender test. If you're ever being asked to do anything, you just ask yourself a question: 'Would Michael Fassbender do it?' This referred to a moment when I was being asked to do something a bit more corporate than I'd ever done before, and it came down to the Fassbender test, and we thought he wouldn't do it. It's a pretty good test for a lot of young actors." Daniel Radcliffe uses fellow actor Michael Fassbender as a guide for his own career.

21st November 2013

Quote: "People always say to me, 'Do you feel like you missed out on a childhood? Do you feel like you had your childhood taken away?' And I'm like: 'No, what a ridiculous (question)... kids who are abused have their childhoods taken away from them'." Former child star Daniel Radcliffe is baffled by questions about his time growing up while filming the Harry Potter series.

12th November 2013

Quote: "What I've found is that, and I can't speak for Rupert (Grint) or Emma (Watson), but the fervour around me has actually increased since the end of Potter. Now I'm out doing press and this and that - in Venice, just gone, it was insane. At one point I was chased to the toilet by 500 people!" Daniel Radcliffe claims his level of fame has increased since the end of the hugely successful Harry Potter series, revealing he was mobbed at the Venice Film Festival in September (13).

4th November 2013

Quote: "I suppose when you do Equus when you're 17 it does make you very kind of unshockable, when it comes to all this performing sex scenes - gay or straight. The first one I ever did was with a horse." Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe is surprisingly comfortable when it comes to playing out intimate scenes on-screen or onstage.

10th October 2013

Quote: "Helen Mirren, because she's awesome! She's a great actress and super sexy. I've met her a few times, and she happens to be lovely." Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe would love to have an onscreen fling with the veteran British actress.

10th October 2013

Quote: "We got close. Dane and his wife actually stayed with me for about a month in New York. We'd watch football and play board games. I showed him the wild side of the city - all the best Scrabble hot spots!" Daniel Radcliffe bonded with his Kill Your Darlings co-star DANE DeHaan by giving him a place to stay in the Big Apple.

9th October 2013

Quote: "Crying was nerve-racking. I can't do it on cue. But once I started, it was non-stop!" Daniel Radcliffe struggled to control his onscreen emotions for new movie Kill Your Darlings.

5th October 2013

Quote: "I had been in a room (with her) and I thought, 'At this point I should go up and say hi after all the stuff I'd joked about in interviews, and then I thought, 'No, what if she's seen those interviews? What if she just thinks, you are just some teenage fanboy?' So I couldn't." Actor Daniel Radcliffe lost his nerve when he realised he was at a party with his crush, Katy Perry.

5th October 2013

Quote: "I only pay attention to the very funny rumours, which they are mostly. Occasionally there's a rumour in the British media that makes me out to be incredibly egotistical and conceited. One of them said that I built a statue of myself that I was just gonna have in my house. I think they also said it was a naked statue." Daniel Radcliffe on the false rumours he reads about himself in the tabloids.

4th October 2013

Quote: "I'm comfortable with it but I do want to point out I don't request it... It just so happens that in all the three movies I did last year I get naked. I promise it's not intentional." Daniel Radcliffe doesn't mind baring all for nude scenes.

30th September 2013

Quote: "The first day Dane and I met each other, I was getting permed and he was getting highlights so we spent the day in the salon together." Actor Daniel Radcliffe bonded with his Kill Your Darlings co-star Dane DeHaan while they were having their hair styled for the Allen Ginsberg biopic.

30th September 2013

Quote: "Rupert was meant to see The Cripple of Inishmaan but he got a flat tyre on the way into London! But I'm hopefully see him in Mojo because he starts his play soon." Daniel Radcliffe is looking forward to catching up with his former Harry Potter co-star Rupert Grint after car trouble kept the 25 year old from checking out his pal's turn in London play The Cripple Of Inishmaan this summer (13).

26th July 2013

Fact: Wanted star James McAvoy is to team up with fellow young Brit Daniel Radcliffe for the latest movie adaptation of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. Sources tell Deadline.com that MCAvoy will play Dr. Frankenstein, while the Harry Potter star will portray his hunchbacked assistant Igor in director Paul MCGuigan's new film.

19th June 2013

Quote: "I reckon I can get myself down to that ridiculous degree of skinniness for Iggy." British actor Daniel Radcliffe dreams of playing veteran rocker Iggy Pop in a film and would agree to slim down for the part.

19th June 2013

Quote: "Film sets have such a bad reputation for being places to grow up. It is such a huge part of the person I am today. Being on film sets and having to work in that environment and having to become a member of that team at a young age has been such a huge influence on my character in a really positive way that I want to prove that it's safe to let your kids go on film sets." Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe wants to smash the stigma attached to child stars.

19th June 2013

Quote: "I'm fully aware there are not an abundant number of five foot five leading men! And by the way I'm also the only celebrity of my height that I know of who gives his actual height when asked, and doesn't wear Cuban heels..." British actor Daniel Radcliffe, who stands at five foot five inches (1.68 metres) tall, never lies about his short stature.

15th April 2013

Tweet: "Happy birthday @emwatson, miss you daily dear, Wish the best of luck, you looked so amazing on @MTV yesterday." Emma Watson's Harry Potter co-star Daniel Radcliffe wishes his actress pal a happy 23rd birthday the day after she picked up the Trailblazer Award at the Mtv Movie Awards.

12th March 2013

Tweet: "513k thank you guys so much I'm really happy." Daniel Radcliffe is thrilled to pass 500,000 followers on Twitter.

11th March 2013

Fact: Actor Daniel Radcliffe is returning to the West End to star in a new production of The Cripple of Inishmaan, which begins its 12-week run in June (13). The Harry Potter star, who last appeared on the London stage in 2007's Equus, will play a disabled orphan who dreams of a life in Hollywood.

1st March 2013

Fact: Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe is in final negotiations to play Dr. Frankenstein's creepy assistant Igor in Paul MCGuigan's revamp of Mary Shelley's classic monster tale.

26th February 2013

Quote: "I had been rehearsing... and I felt I had some idea of what was going on and that was a complete surprise to me as well. That was amazing." Daniel Radcliffe was stunned when U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama presented the Oscars Best Picture award via satellite on Sunday night (24Feb13).

25th February 2013

Quote: "If I actually had made eye contact with Daniel Day-Lewis in the front row I think I might have just crumbled into a pile of dust... It was terrifying... You just sort of try to ignore the fact that they're (peers) all there." Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe desperately tried to block out all the stars staring at him as he performed his song-and-dance routine at the Oscars.

25th February 2013

Quote: "I felt so bad. I just wanted to pick her up, put her in my arms and carry her onto the stage... (But) I probably would have dropped her and opened her wound again... She is so nice - really, really nice." Daniel Radcliffe felt sorry for his Oscars co-presenter Kristen Stewart, who was hobbling on crutches at Sunday's ceremony (24Feb13) after injuring her foot.

13th February 2013

Quote: "I certainly wouldn’t watch number three, I wouldn’t watch the first two, I wouldn’t watch four. I might watch five. I definitely wouldn’t watch six." Daniel Radcliffe has little interest in revisiting his Harry Potter films.

13th February 2013

Quote: "I’ve got great parents who would never have allowed me to become a cocky, obnoxious s**t." Actor Daniel Radcliffe has his folks to thank for keeping him grounded as his movie career took off.

13th February 2013

Quote: "I love almost every aspect of this industry and I want to be in it, and if I could drop dead on a film set at 80, that’s how I’d want to go." Daniel Radcliffe is in love with showbusiness.

26th November 2012

Quote: "I hear things said, but I don't know if any of them are true. And I never want to seem ungrateful for it all, but the money is not a motivating factor in my life." Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe has no idea how much money he is worth.

17th July 2012

Fact: Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe and Paul Dano's actress girlfriend Zoe Kazan are to play lovers in director Michael Dowse's quirky new romance comedy, The F Word.

28th February 2012

Fact: Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe's ghost movie The Woman In Black has become his native Britain's highest-grossing horror film. The film has made upwards of $23 million (£14.3 million) at the U.K. box office and almost $80 million (£50 million) globally since its release earlier this month (Feb12).

17th February 2012

Quote: "It was a uniquely nerve-wracking experience. It was lovely but at the end of it, I did have to ask, 'Have I passed?' We are still going out so I guess it was all OK." Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe on meeting his girlfriend Rosie's parents for the first time.

16th February 2012

Quote: "I just met my girlfriend's parents for the first time, but we are a little way off calling them my in-laws. It was a uniquely nerve-wracking experience. She wasn't there and I took them out for lunch. It was lovely but at the end of it I did have to ask, 'Have I passed?' We are still going out so I guess it was all okay." Daniel Radcliffe had a nervous first meeting with his girlfriend Rosie Coker's parents.

15th February 2012

Fact: Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe showed off a bizarre party trick during a recent appearance on Spanish Tv - the actor stunned fans by folding his tongue in three different ways.

7th February 2012

Quote: "I'm having them insured! I have to pluck them otherwise they meet in the middle. Between myself and Rob Pattinson, we could carpet a small island." Daniel Radcliffe on his bushy eyebrows.

3rd February 2012

Tweet: "Saw woman in black yesterday. Can't remember the last time I was on the edge of my seat like that! Great movie. Go See it #goradcliffe" Tom Felton is a big fan of his Harry Potter co-star Daniel Radcliffe's new supernatural thriller, The Woman In Black.

1st February 2012

Quote: "The first time I took my lovely girlfriend Rosie to a film was to see Toy Story 3. It started, and I was going, 'Why is Leonardo DiCaprio waking up on a beach? This is a long trailer, isn't it?' We were in Inception! We had to fight our way out of the row, and I lost my hat." Actor Daniel Radcliffe would rather be in movies than watch them at the cinema.

1st February 2012

Quote: "I don't like girls with nothing down there... It freaks me out. You have to have something." Daniel Radcliffe doesn't like his partners to be shaved all over.

1st February 2012

Quote: "Somebody fainted at the London premiere, apparently... which is fantastic publicity for the film." Daniel Radcliffe is thrilled someone passed out at the screening of his new ghost story The Woman in Black.

22nd January 2012

Quote: "I'm just going to put out there, Emma and I text all the time but Rupert and I never text each other, we never see each other. If I see him every six months or so, it's a friendly 'hello, how's things with you' but that's about it." Daniel Radcliffe has not remained close to his Harry Potter co-star Rupert Grint since the wizard film franchise ended last year (11).

22nd January 2012

Fact: Daniel Radcliffe showed off his caring side on U.K. TV on Saturday night (21Jan12) by feeding penguins with naturalist Sir David Attenborough. The actor then helped lead the creatures backstage on The Jonathan Ross Show.

13th January 2012

Quote: "I have got into Nfl. I really love American football. It's fantastic. The athleticism far surpasses English football... and it's exciting to watch... Those (soccer) guys, they fall over and they cry and it's boring." Daniel Radcliffe has become a big American football fan while living in New York.

3rd January 2012

Quote: "If anybody feels bad for our respective partners that we kiss onstage for about 30 seconds each show, don't worry because my girlfriend and her husband go to the movies together." Daniel Radcliffe on kissing How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying co-star Rose Hemingway. The actor completed his stint in the show on Sunday (01Jan12).

30th December 2011

Quote: "I have heard my face is on toilet paper, which is really not pleasant. I haven't seen it and I don't know if that is much of a compliment!" Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe on the hit movie franchise's popular merchandise.

21st December 2011

Quote: "Whenever I hear people talk about the Potter kids as if we are not going to be able to make it out of the series, that really lights a fire under me." Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe is fuelled by his critics.

19th December 2011

Fact: Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe is set to show off his comedic chops as a guest host on Us Tv hit Saturday Night Live. The actor will make his debut as a presenter on the sketch show on 14 January (12).

9th December 2011

Fact: Gary Oldman has interviewed his Harry Potter co-star Daniel Radcliffe for a magazine piece that marks the young actor's Entertainment Weekly Entertainer of the Year honour.

8th December 2011

Fact: Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe has been named Entertainer of the Year by the editors of U.S. publication Entertainment Weekly.

30th November 2011

Fact: Daniel Radcliffe is in talks to replace Jesse Eisenberg as beat poet Allen Ginsberg in thriller Kill Your Darlings, according to reports.

21st August 2011

Quote: "I've been handed some very strange things... I got given an Etch-a-Sketch (game), which was kind of awesome; that was a present from a fan that I've never been given before." Daniel Radcliffe on the gifts he has been handed at the stage door after appearing in Broadway musical How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying.

21st August 2011

Quote: "Half way through the first act I'd notice some stunning girl in the front row and then I'd be like, 'Oh man, you're gonna see me naked in about an hour! This is not the situation I'd like to do that in. I'm not gonna be looking my best. If I knew you were gonna be here, I would have made a bit of a show of myself.'" Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe on stripping off in front of beautiful theatregoers during his stint onstage in Equus.

20th August 2011

Quote: "He's a very very nice guy and I actually think he's had to deal with kind of a lot more, because I had a very gradual easing into the idea of fame... Rob, suddenly, was the most famous guy in the world. I think that's kind of a lot harder to deal with." Daniel Radcliffe on his one-time Harry Potter co-star Robert Pattinson's whirlwind success.

19th August 2011

Quote: "They are the most unbelievably supportive fans of Potter because when they embrace something they embrace it as a nation... I was going around this school as part of a TV show promotion... and I bumped into this girl in the corridor... and she fainted... That's not gonna happen forever, so while I can make Japanese girl faint, I'm going to." Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe on his adoring Japanese fanbase.

19th August 2011

Quote: "Even if I was completely myopic, I think at this point I wouldn't wear glasses." Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe fears he can't walk around with spectacles on after playing the short-sighted boy wizard for a decade.

19th July 2011

Quote: "Amy Poehler lives in my building and I met her the other day and I felt so embarrassed... I said, 'I've just got to tell you I'm a massive fan of The Mighty Bee,' which is this cartoon... I'm always scared to admit that it's perhaps not the one thing she would have liked me to pick out of her catalogue of work. I spend three hours a day watching cartoons." Actor Daniel Radcliffe was left red faced after meeting comedienne Poehler.

15th July 2011

Quote: "I saw Julianne Moore walk past me a couple of weeks ago, and we smiled at each other. I don't think she knew it was me, I just think she thought it was somebody smiling at her. You do see a lot of people, and I'm as guilty of it as anybody. I get so excited when I spot someone, like, 'Oh, there's Kiefer Sutherland!'" Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe loves to go celeb-spotting around the streets of New York.

15th July 2011

Quote: "I'm not the natural frame and stature of an action hero, so I may not get to play one again. Things like bursting out of the water in film six surrounded by a ring of fire... I won't get to do that." Daniel Radcliffe fears his days as an action man are over now the Harry Potter film franchise has wrapped.

12th July 2011

Quote: "There are no places more fun for a 12-year-old kid to be than a film set. It's like the ultimate playground." Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe loved growing up on the magical movie set.

12th July 2011

Tweet: "Saw Dans (sic) show... Couldn't stop smiling, he was exceptional, felt v. proud seeing him up there! No1 (no one) could quite do it as good as he does." Tom Felton took time out from his busy Harry Potter promotional schedule to catch his co-star Daniel Radcliffe in his Broadway show How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying.

11th July 2011

Quote: "We like to watch cricket together. We will be friends for life." British actor Tom Felton has no plans to lose touch with Harry Potter co-star Daniel Radcliffe, his enemy on the big screen.

11th July 2011

Quote: "There's often a little smell of the burning martyr about Harry... He occasionally likes the fact that it's on him. He does have a bit of a hero complex, I think, and I think that he always thinks he has to be the hero, which I suffer from myself sometimes." Daniel Radcliffe on his boy wizard character, Harry Potter.

11th July 2011

Fact: Daniel Radcliffe went through 160 pairs of spectacles and more than 70 wands as movie wizard Harry Potter in the decade-long film franchise.

11th July 2011

Quote: "I considered playing a rent boy. It was a good script but the reason I didn't was that people would just say, 'Oh you're trying too hard'." Daniel Radcliffe considered taking on a saucy role to shed his clean-cut Harry Potter image.

5th July 2011

Quote: "I was never worried about that. Anyone who's seen my father knew I was never going to get too tall." Daniel Radcliffe never feared he'd tower above his Harry Potter pals in the decade-long film franchise.

13th May 2011

Fact: Daniel Radcliffe is stepping in front of the camera for a good cause - he's lending his image to Sir Elton John for a book to benefit the singer's Aids Foundation. The Harry Potter star will pose alongside fellow actors Clint Eastwood, Robert De Niro and Al Pacino in the coffee table book, iCon, due out later this year (11). The book will feature a total of 100 stars and a portion of the proceeds will go to the Rocket Man's charity.

4th May 2011

Quote: "I don't know what it is, but I feel a lot cooler here than I do in England." Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe enjoys being an Englishman in New York. The actor is currently starring in Broadway musical How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.

26th April 2011

Quote: "I won't be getting up at 4am to watch the wedding. I'll catch the highlights on CNN because they'll be running something 24/7." Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe won't be watching Friday's (29Apr11) royal wedding live from his home in New York.

4th April 2011

Fact: Daniel Radcliffe helped raise $9,000 (£5,625) for a Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids charity event by auctioning off two signed copies of the How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying book after his turn in the production on Saturday night (02Apr11).

25th March 2011

Quote: "All the opportunities that it's opened for me are something that would not have happened had it not been for Harry Potter." Actor Daniel Radcliffe is well aware he owes his career to the boy wizard series as he takes on his second Broadway stint in a revival of hit play How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.

25th March 2011

Quote: "I always think in New York people don't like to be too impressed. Even if somebody does spot me, there's a kind of element of, 'OK, fine. Yeah. I'm not really that impressed that you walked by,' which is kind of great for me." Daniel Radcliffe is rarely hounded by fans when he walks around the Big Apple.

19th January 2011

Fact: American journalist Anderson Cooper will make his Broadway debut as the narrator of Daniel Radcliffe's upcoming musical HOW TO SUCCEED IN BUSINESS WITHOUT REALLY TRYING. The CNN star's part will be pre-recorded. The show opens in March (11).

23rd November 2010

Quote: "He's fantastic and Jewish apparently, and I'm Jewish... A Jewish Spider-Man - that's progress." Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe approves of the new Spider-Man, fellow Brit Andrew Garfield.

20th November 2010

Quote: "Instead of going to my party, I went home and watched the Discovery Channel and had a bowl of Sugar Puffs. It was awesome. I was in bed by 10.30." Daniel Radcliffe traded his 21st birthday bash for a quiet night at home.

20th November 2010

Quote: "I just think there is something incredibly sexy about her." Daniel Radcliffe admits to a crush on Katy Perry.

18th November 2010

Quote: "Unfortunately, there's going to be that level of attention on all of us for the foreseeable future so we have to be careful. If you get a reputation for drinking, doing drugs or just being unreliable it can affect your career much quicker now, because of the internet, than it used to." Daniel Radcliffe has vowed not to lose focus now the Harry Potter franchise is over.

18th November 2010

Quote: "I'm 21 now, it's bizarre. I still feel 14!" Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe admits his teen years have flown by.

18th November 2010

Quote: "He never said any of this at the time... I guess it's a compliment. It would be awful if he said, 'She's really boring to kiss'." Emma Watson was far from upset by Harry Potter co-star Daniel Radcliffe's comments she kisses like "an animal".

17th November 2010

Quote: "I got sick and tired of actors saying it's so liberating - I was terrified every single night!" British actor Daniel Radcliffe was wracked with nerves before every performance of his hit play Equus, which was staged in London's West End in 2007 and Broadway in 2008.

17th November 2010

Quote: "I think to a certain extent it's true that Harry will stick to me. I think in a lot of people's minds I will always be him. It's rather like the Mafia, I guess - once you're in, you never get out." Daniel Radcliffe on the legacy of Harry Potter.

16th November 2010

Quote: "It’s all been good. I would never be anything but proud to be associated with this film series forever, but... if they did actually do another film I don't think I'd be on board... I think 10 years is enough." Daniel Radcliffe won't be back as Harry Potter.

16th November 2010

Quote: "He actually cut short his holiday so he could see me in Equus on Broadway." Daniel Radcliffe is firm friends with his Harry Potter co-star Alan Rickman.

15th November 2010

Quote: "Someone was talking about this supposed rivalry between Rob Pattinson and me, and what's awesome about this is, between the pair of us, we are striking a blow for the paler man. We are white as sheets, so it's a comfort." Daniel Radcliffe is proud to be competing with his fellow pasty heartthrob Robert Pattinson in the sex appeal stakes.

14th November 2010

Quote: "It was better than if I had worn stockings and a corset, that's for sure - and they were considering that option. I was not pleased about that, so the bra was just fine." Daniel Radcliffe opens up about wearing a woman's bra during a scene in new movie HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS: PART 1.

14th November 2010

Fact: Daniel Radcliffe proved he was a model science student at school during an appearance on British TV's The Graham Norton Show on Friday (12Nov10) - the Harry Potter star recited the periodic table in order from memory.

11th November 2010

Quote: "Oh God, she promised me categorically that there wouldn't be another book involving Harry. I think 10 years is a long time to spend with one character." Daniel Radcliffe is worried he'll have to reprise his boy wizard role if Harry Potter author J.K. ROWLING writes another instalment.

10th November 2010

Quote: "I got the SAS to walk my dogs. I had special beer brewed by monks in a Belgian monastery... not true. I grew eight inches in height in two months, which for anyone whose met me can see that's plainly not true, and I once commissioned a lifesize nude statue of my self for my living room. I haven't done that yet." Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe lists his favourite false stories about himself.

4th November 2010

Quote: "The glasses would be a good thing to have at the end and obviously the wand. Somebody said I should get a broom mounted, but then I think, 'You know, what does that say about me when people come around to visit?'" Daniel Radcliffe on the keepsakes he'll take away from the Harry Potter film franchise.

3rd November 2010

Quote: "We were all in bits. I've never seen Rupert Grint cry in my life but it was really emotional. When I saw him cry, it made me cry more. It's come to stand for my childhood, which I've said goodbye to. That innocent small boy has gone." Daniel Radcliffe broke down in tears after shooting the final scenes in his Harry Potter adventure.

28th October 2010

Quote: "Before I was cast in the first Harry Potter film, I didn't read much at all. But I have grown to love reading because of the film and now I am an absolutely voracious reader, although kind of a slow one." Daniel Radcliffe on his love of books.

10th October 2010

Quote: "Without it, I'd have been having a s**tty time at school. I was rubbish. For some reason I could never hack school, which is one of the reasons I was so grateful for Potter." The Harry Potter film franchise gave Daniel Radcliffe an excuse to get out of class.

1st September 2010

Quote: "I'm still listening to Florence & The MAChine. My Boy Builds Coffins was a song I listened to a lot this year when I was playing Harry (Potter). It felt like the right tone." Daniel Radcliffe on how he prepared for his final days as boy wizard Potter.

1st September 2010

Quote: "I can't pretend I haven't thought about that a couple of times. I've already had people offering to set me up." Single Daniel Radcliffe is hoping to snag himself a New York girlfriend when he's in the Big Apple for Broadway musical How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying next year (11).

12th August 2010

Quote: "I've got two pairs from the seventh film and the pair I wore in the very, very first movie - which are really tiny on my head now!" Daniel Radcliffe has lasting mementos from the Harry Potter movie franchise - his character's iconic glasses.

28th May 2010

Quote: "I worked with Daniel Radcliffe last year and we were doing a press conference for My Boy Jack, and he let slip that he'd never seen an episode. So, I sent him a boxset. I said, 'This could be for you, or maybe a girl you're interested in'. He's 18, he's ready!" Kim Cattrall educated young actor DANIEL RADCLIFFE when they worked together by introducing him to Sex And The City.

27th May 2010

Quote: "I was always unbelievably jealous of Tobey Maguire playing Spider-Man. I do think Spidey is the coolest of the superheroes." Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe would love to spin webs.

27th May 2010

Quote: "I would steal the glasses. If they're not given to me properly I'll steal them." Daniel Radcliffe is planning to take home the spectacles he wears as Harry Potter when the film series comes to an end.

27th May 2010

Quote: "It puts a pretty nice punctuation mark on my adolescence. I feel grown-up now." Daniel Radcliffe feels like an adult now the Harry Potter movie series is coming to an end.

22nd April 2010

Quote: "I remember once me, Daniel and Emma were offered parts in an Australian remake of The Wizard of Oz. They wanted me as the Scarecrow, Emma was going to be Dorothy and Dan the Tin Man. I don't know what happened to that." Rupert Grint reveals the bizarre roles he and his Harry Potter co-stars, Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson, have been offered.

10th December 2009

Quote: "I read that the other day, and I was like, 'What the hell is that about?' I haven't seen Dan walking around naked, not on the set anyway. The changing room is a different thing - I'm joking. No, I hadn't heard anything of it. Dan hasn't mentioned it." Harry Potter star Tom Felton was baffled by rumours of raunchy naked scenes in the upcoming wizard movie - insisting his co-star Daniel Radcliffe does not strip off onscreen.

27th November 2009

Quote: "There's no hierarchy when Daniel Radcliffe's on set. Whether you're a cleaner or a producer he'll know your name and talk to you equally." Harry Potter actor Tom Felton is amazed the franchise's star is so down-to-earth.

22nd September 2009

Quote: "I have his phone number. He seems like he stays completely grounded all the time." TWILIGHT star Robert Pattinson is considering asking Harry Potter pal Daniel Radcliffe for career guidance.

8th September 2009

Quote: "When I'm drunk I like to cause mischief. I'll steal props like the broomsticks from the Harry Potter set and bring them out to the pub for comedy value. It seems funny at the time. Trouble is I usually get too trashed (drunk) to remember what happened the next day." Daniel Radcliffe likes to joke around when he's had a drink with pals.

31st August 2009

Fact: Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe attended Britain's Reading music festival over the weekend (29-30Aug09) in disguise. The young actor covered his face with a Batman mask to make sure he wasn't recognised in the crowd.

23rd July 2009

Quote: "The only reason Rupert and I have probably never argued is that he's the most totally laidback person you'll ever meet. You could probably set fire to him and he wouldn't really mind." Daniel Radcliffe considers himself lucky to have such a good relationship with his Harry Potter co-star Rupert Grint.

17th July 2009

Quote: "If you spent like a proper amount of time with me, you would probably wonder if I was on drugs. I'm not. I'm just incredibly hyperactive. Manic." Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe is easily excitable.

17th July 2009

Quote: "I'll say American for now. I really have no preference, though. Nationality is nothing. It's all about the girl - but she has to be curvy!" British actor Daniel Radcliffe is looking for a well-rounded U.S. woman.

16th July 2009

Quote: "When I saw the first Harry Potter film and my name came up right at the end, I almost started crying. I couldn't believe that was my name there. It was really amazing." Daniel Radcliffe is proud of his achievements as the boy wizard.

16th July 2009

Quote: "Daniel wasn't great really when I did my kissing scene. I guess he hadn't forgotten I'd teased him when he got kissed. He was sort of standing at the back of the set trying to make me laugh. He was a little bit of a creep." Rupert Grint was unimpressed with his Harry Potter co-star Daniel Radcliffe's jokey behaviour when he was filming a smooch for the movie.

12th July 2009

Quote: "It's very much an in between age. You're not really celebrated. In Japan it's apparently when you're officially considered a man but here (in the U.S.) it's, 'A fifth of your life is over if I live to be 100.'" Actor Daniel Radcliffe wishes there was more excitement surrounding his upcoming 20th birthday on 23 July (09).

11th July 2009

Quote: "Rob Pattinson is a sex symbol. Rob Pattinson is a genuine sexy guy. He's got the height. If girls like short and nerdy, then I'm a sex symbol!" Daniel Radcliffe is adamant his former Harry Potter co-star Robert Pattinson rates above him in the sexy stakes.

10th July 2009

Quote: "I am going to be so sad to leave this behind. But there is also an element of excitement that a script might come in and I don't have to go, 'Oh, I'm sorry I'm kind of busy being Harry Potter for the next four years'." Daniel Radcliffe has mixed emotions about the upcoming end of the wizard film franchise.

10th July 2009

Quote: "My guilty secret is that I watch BRITAIN'S GOT TALENT. But I guess that many millions of others do as well!" Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe regularly tunes in to Simon Cowell's TV talent contest.

8th July 2009

Quote: "The one piece of advice I would give to any actor is, if you want to go out on the street without being recognised, without even being looked at, go out with a 6ft 8in beautiful transsexual. No one gives you a second glance. Especially when you're 5ft 5in." Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe has a unique way of avoiding the attentions of the paparazzi.

7th July 2009

Quote: "There was a period when we were the only boys and girls any of us knew. And so, you know, we were all unbelievably horny from about the third film to probably about the end of the fifth - then it settled down. But, God, for a few years..." Daniel Radcliffe on experiencing puberty while filming the Harry Potter franchise.

3rd July 2009

Quote: "I'm not saying all actors are attention-seekers but I certainly am. So when you've got all that attention, I suppose it goes to your head." Fame has changed Daniel Radcliffe.

3rd July 2009

Quote: "I'm such a terrible host. I invited a friend over for dinner tonight and because of all these interviews I've now told him to eat first!" Daniel Radcliffe finds it hard to have a social life while promoting the upcoming Harry Potter movie.

1st July 2009

Quote: "Harry argues in the kind of irritating, pedantic way that I argue. She thought Harry and I were getting closer and closer together." Daniel Radcliffe reveals his mother fears the teenager and his movie wizard Harry Potter are one and the same.

30th June 2009

Quote: "I don't think I'm going to grow much more. I'd love to be taller - ask anyone who if five feet five inches if they want to be taller and they'll generally tell you, 'Yes'. But it's not something I can do anything about, unless I get weights and strap them to my shoes to stretch me." Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe hates being short.

26th June 2009

Quote: "I didn’t set out to shock people. I set out to do something different from (Harry) Potter. If I had wanted to shock people I would have played a gay drug dealer." Daniel Radcliffe on his decision to bare all onstage in London and New York hit Equus.

25th June 2009

Quote: "I’ve noticed I make noises when I get up and sit down now. I mean, my knees are rotten bad - I refused to wear knee pads too many times when I was doing stunts, and I just clobbered them up a bit. I am an old man in a young man’s body." Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe is suffering from 'old age' at 19. The young Brit turns 20 in July (09).

17th June 2009

Quote: "I'm never going to be happy with my performance because I think when you start feeling totally happy with your performance, then it's probably time to stop acting because you've got nowhere to go. Also, self-criticism is a very positive thing." Daniel Radcliffe works hard to achieve his potential.

6th April 2009

Quote: "At a premiere for Harry Potter, all these girls were screaming, and this girl asked me to sign something. Halfway through, Daniel Radcliffe came along and the girl snatched the pad away saying, 'I want Daniel!' So I just shuffled off." Heart-throb Robert Pattinson was forced to play second best to Daniel Radcliffe at a red-carpet event.

6th April 2009

Quote: "At a premiere for Harry Potter, all these girls were screaming, and this girl asked me to sign something. Halfway through, Daniel Radcliffe came along and the girl snatched the pad away saying, 'I want Daniel!' So I just shuffled off." Heart-throb Robert Pattinson was forced to play second best to Daniel Radcliffe at a red-carpet event.

2nd March 2009

Fact: The girlfriend of England soccer star THEO WALCOTT has won a part in a forthcoming Harry Potter film. Student MELANIE SLADE will feature alongside Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe in HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS: PART ONE, due for release in 2010.

1st February 2009

Quote: "I'll go nude. The guy in Equus is attracted to horses and walks around nude. It looks like an intense acting experience." TWILIGHT heart-throb Robert Pattinson hopes to follow in the footsteps of Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe and get naked on stage.

10th December 2008

Quote: "The public are desperate for it. It would literally be like (a royal marriage)." Emma Watson rules out a union with her Harry Potter co-stars Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint.

2nd December 2008

Quote: "You get weirdly accustomed to things like seeing your face on a bus, or seeing a little Lego version of yourself, or seeing somebody else dressed as you. Those things seem more and more normal in a strange way." British actor Daniel Radcliffe has adjusted to the reality of life in the limelight.

2nd December 2008

Quote: "He's one of the few I've been really scared by, because he's very intense and he's very tall - and he kind of looks amazing. I found it very intimidating." Daniel Radcliffe admits he felt insecure around fellow British actor and Harry Potter co-star Ralph Fiennes

28th September 2008

Quote: "She did come back to say hello, so I've been unbearably smug." Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe was thrilled to see Julia Roberts at the matinee of his new play Equus in New York on Wednesday (24Sep08).

25th September 2008

Quote: "When you have to get naked on stage with someone, you want to feel relaxed with them." Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe is close to his co-stars in stage show Equus.

25th September 2008

Quote: “There's a lot of sweat on me by the end. I'm a physically repellent thing. At least it's good exercise. I don't have to go to the gym." Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe finds his role in stage play Equus helps him keep fit.

2nd September 2008

Quote: “I think part of me would love to play a drag queen, just because it would be an excuse to wear loads of eye makeup.” Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe on his dream role.

21st August 2008

Quote: "I'm a person who got lucky very young." Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe is grateful for his acting debut at age 11.

19th August 2008

Quote: "They're always expecting some terrible person to turn up. So you try to make sure that they know that you're intelligent and not horrible. Then you try to be rugged and sexy - but only after smart and lovable." British actor Daniel Radcliffe has a complicated way of meeting new co-stars.

18th August 2008

Quote: "I sometimes think, 'Why, oh why, has Velcro never taken off?'" Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe has trouble tying his shoelaces.

17th April 2008

Quote: "It was out of one frying pan and into another." Emma Watson on being romantically linked to Razorlight frontman Johnny Borrell instead of her Harry Potter co-star Daniel Radcliffe.

9th April 2008

Fact: Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe will make his Broadway debut in New York in September (08), starring alongside Richard Griffiths in the PETER SCHAFFER play Equus. The show will open on 25 September at the Broadhurst Theatre. Both actors won critical acclaim after a run in Equus on London's West End last year (07).

10th March 2008

Fact: Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe has spent $4.4 million (GBP2.2 million) on a luxury apartment in New York - his second property purchase in Manhattan in a matter of months.

16th November 2007

Quote: "I hardly ever look - honest!" Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe refuses to keep check of his bank account.

7th November 2007

Quote: "I think they'd be very unlucky to have me." Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe has snubbed a career in the British Army.

5th November 2007

Fact: Actor Daniel Radcliffe will make his Broadway debut in 2008 when his play Equus opens in September (08).

15th September 2007

Quote: "Hopefully jail's not in the immediate future, or the long-term future." Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe has no plans to become a bad boy.

13th September 2007

Quote: "I absolutely love that man. I think he's fantastic, which will make me hideously unpopular with everybody he's ever been horrible to." Daniel Radcliffe admits to a 'man-crush' on music mogul Simon Cowell.

12th September 2007

Quote: "She's stunning isn't she? Ooh, if only she was my girlfriend." Actor Daniel Radcliffe tells British radio station Heart about his lust for his DECEMBER BOYS co-star TERESA PALMER.

11th September 2007

Quote: "I'm very grateful to my mother, being five-feet tall." Actor Daniel Radcliffe is happy he hasn't outgrown the part of Harry Potter.

10th September 2007

Quote: "What's her name? Genuinely. I'm sorry, I'm not good on pop culture." Daniel Radcliffe responds to Miley Cyrus' comments that the Harry Potter star has a crush on her.

9th September 2007

Quote: "My eyes are just strangely big." Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe on his permanently startled look.

8th September 2007

Quote: "Rihanna is massive in England because this English summer just consisted of some of the worst flooding in 20 years... and so her song UMBRELLA became, like, the national anthem." Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe reveals why Rihanna is so beloved in England.

4th August 2007

Quote: "People who have car collections - I never understood that. I always thought that was unnecessary. It's not beautiful, it's not creative. It's just showing how much money you've got." Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe has no plans to own a fleet of cars.

24th July 2007

Quote: "Most of the things I like cost GBP10 ($20). It's CDs and books for me, not sports cars." Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe insists he's not going to blow his GBP20 million ($40 million) fortune since turning 18 on Monday (23Jul07).

23rd July 2007

Fact: Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe will finally get his hands on his GBP23 million ($46 million) fortune as he turns 18 on Monday (23Jul07).

16th July 2007

Fact: SEX + The City star Kim Cattrall will play the mother of Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe in a new biopic of much-loved English poet RUDYARD KIPLING.

14th July 2007

Quote: "In some of the early movies I sound like I'm on helium." Daniel Radcliffe hates looking back on his first Harry Potter films.

11th July 2007

Quote: "I went to a screening with an audience, and when the shots of the young me came on screen some girls in the crowd went, 'Ooooh, cute!' I slid down in my seat. It was soul destroying." Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe hates the flashback footage in his latest film THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX.

11th July 2007

Quote: "I love to avoid scenes where I ride on a broomstick for obvious reasons. I want to have children in the future. Riding a broomstick can be a little uncomfortable, but they gave me pants with padding in the right places." Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe on the downside of playing the boy wizard.

5th July 2007

Quote: "That's great and all, but I really am single. Tell them to come and get a taste of the real deal." Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe on reports his new waxwork at London's Madame Tussauds has been kissed by hoards of female fans.

5th July 2007

Quote: "I'd love to form a band and make a record." Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe on his musical ambitions.

5th July 2007

Quote: "When I was younger, they used to tease me. Now, they're quite protective." Teenager Emma Watson admits Harry Potter co-stars Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint look after her.

4th July 2007

Quote: "I've not really spent one dime." Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe admits he's saving his movie money.

29th June 2007

Quote: "Somebody asked me today what I would do if I was a leader of a country and it would be flying saucers and unicycles - everybody needs a unicycle in life." Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe wants to make radical changes to the world of transportation.

11th June 2007

Quote: "Harry Potter will be the character that got me famous, and will probably be the one that people remember first, but I like to think that if I work hard enough and do as many different things as I can, there will eventually be others that will stick in their minds as well." Daniel Radcliffe is determined not to become typecast.

28th February 2007

Quote: "I really liked it - and the bum was good. No - the bum was great." SIR Bob Geldof's daughter PIXIE appreciated more than just Daniel Radcliffe's performance in his new play Equus.

23rd February 2007

Quote: "I feel slightly disturbed by the whole thing. But I'm definitely going to see his play. I'd really like to get a peek." Former Doctor Who star Billie Piper is keen to catch a glimpse of Daniel Radcliffe's privates in new play Equus.

22nd February 2007

Quote: "She (actress JOANNA CHRISTIE) was the one Daniel fancied the most and that swung it for us." Equus producer DAVID PUGH reveals how Daniel Radcliffe's stage co-star was decided.

31st January 2007

Quote: "To have a six-pack like that at that age, when some people try for 25 years to get one... We were gobsmacked at how suddenly he turned into this swan." Theatre producer DAVID PUGH is amazed with Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe's transformation from bespectacled boy wizard to toned hunk for new play Equus, in which he'll bare all on the London stage.

18th November 2006

Quote: "Once you have covered it from all the camera angles, you've done about 30 takes. But because it's the kiss, it was sort of made out that I had requested to do well over 30 takes." Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe insists the wizard's first on-screen kiss was all work and not much play.

24th November 2005

Quote: <p>"The only thing I would be embarrassed about doing - and luckily I don't think it will happen in HARRY POTTER - is full-frontal nudity." Daniel Radcliffe hopes he's never asked to disrobe as the boy wizard. </p>

23rd November 2005

Fact: <p>Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe has reportedly signed a deal worth more than $14 million (GBP7.8 million) to star in HARRY POTTER + THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX. </p>

21st November 2005

Quote: <p>"I was flipping through the (TV) channels and I came upon the first Harry Potter. I thought there was something wrong with the sound because our voices were so high... I particularly don't like watching myself when I'm young and squeaky." Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe is embarrassed by his first portrayal of the boy wizard. </p>

17th November 2005

Quote: <p>"I plan on buying 20 Porsches and crashing them all." HARRY POTTER star Daniel Radcliffe jokes about how he plans to spend his fortune. </p>

7th November 2005

Quote: <p>"He can be a brat." HARRY POTTER star Daniel Radcliffe on his famous boy wizard character. </p>

7th November 2005

Quote: <p>"Ultimately, that's what I'd like to do... I'd direct one really, really good film and then stop, quit while I'm ahead." HARRY POTTER star Daniel Radcliffe on his movie-making dreams. </p>

26th October 2005

Quote: <p>"I watched Garden State and fell in love with Natalie Portman. Or I would take Scarlett Johansson too." HARRY POTTER star Daniel Radcliffe, 16, emerges from puberty with an attraction to certain American actresses. </p>

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