Daniel Radcliffe says playing Harry Potter in new movies is "not on the cards" though has spoken about how the boy wizard has influenced his own character. Radcliffe, who is currently starring in the indie romantic-comedy What If, says he and Harry share fiercely loyal sensibilities. 

Daniel RadcliffeDaniel Radclife [L] and Zoe Kazan [R] in 'What If'

Appearing at Comic-Con, Radcliffe was asked whether there was a chance he could reprise his role as Potter, given JK Rowling's new projects in the world of Hogwarts. It was a straight and direct 'no' from the 27-year-old though he spoke in-depth about how the character was embedded in himself.

"I'm sure our personalities influenced each other, which sounds crazy because one of us is real and the other isn't," Radcliffe said. "Having spent so much time playing him, his instincts became my instincts, which is not such a bad thing. He's fiercely loyal and curious and brave - and I hope I am."

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Radcliffe stars opposite Zoe Kazan in 'What If' - a sort of (500) Days of Summer for the Girls generation. The British actor looks comfortable in the genre, though when asked the obvious question (would he be teaming up with Emma Watson for a romantic comedy?), the actor was, again, unambiguous. 

"Nah, it'd be too weird," Radcliffe laughed. "Because it would all be about Harry and Hermione. We could wait 60 years, and do it and that's still exactly what it would be about."

'What If' is out in cinemas in the US now. 

Watch the 'What If' trailer: