Harry Potter fans have been warned not to trespass over the Glenfinnan Viaduct in the Scottish Highlands. The local police have issued a warning about the dangers of trespassing on to railway lines. Their warning comes after a number of tourists were spotted taking pictures from the viaduct over the summer.

Daniel RadcliffeDaniel Radcliffe, who starred as Harry Potter in the film adaptation, at the L.A. premiere of Horns in October 2014.

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Two instances of trespassing were reported over the summer, according to reports in The Scotsman. A couple with a young child were seen running along the tracks whilst, in a separate incident, two men were seen taking photographs from the viaduct. There is no path over the viaduct, other than for maintenance, and it is extremely dangerous because of the high speed of trains.

Other reports state that a group of walkers were also spotted walking on the lines between the viaduct and the village of Arisaig.

In the Harry Potter films, which starred Daniel Radcliffe as the title character, the Glenfinnan Viaduct featured as part of the route for the Hogwarts Express. As a result, the viaduct and the surrounding area has become a major draw for tourists from the UK and around the World.

A spokesperson for the British Transport Police issued a statement, explaining their concern and further warning of the dangers of trespassing:

“We know that visitors, many of them foreign, want to enjoy this incredibly scenic area and are keen to see and capture the trains, particularly steam trains, crossing what is without doubt a magnificent structure.”

“However, they have to realise that they need to do it safely and without breaking the law. We have been working closely with Network Rail to advise local people, sightseers and tourists about the dangers of trespassing and the possibility of disrupting the rail network.”

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