In an effort to shed his Harry Potter skin once and for all, Daniel Radcliffe appears to have grown some horns, that’s if the trailer for his new movie is anything to go by. Radcliffe stars in Horns, a horror flick, with a tinge of black comedy that will make its way into theatres on October 31st. Daniel Radcliffe growing horns? To some it all might sound a bit far fetched, but Horns actually looks to be a pretty intriguing, well thought out piece of modern horror. Here's everything you need to know about Horns, the movie which could just rule the box office this Halloween.

Daniel RadcliffeDaniel Radcliffe, before the horns

The Plot

Based on Joe Hill’s novel of the same name, Radcliffe stars as Ignatius Perris, know as Ig, a man who wakes up after two drunken nights to find he has a pair of horns growing from his head. But things were going wrong for Ig long before the horns appeared. A year prior he’d been falsely accused of raping and murdering his girlfriend, but never trialled thanks to a lack of evidence. Ig’s newly acquired horns, however, might hold the key to solving his girlfriend’s murder, as they make anyone he comes into contact with immediately voice their darkest thoughts and desires.

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The Crew

French horror director Alexandre Aja is behind the lens here, while also serving as producer. Aja rose to fame after 2003’s Haute Tension (known as Switchblade Romance in the UK), he then went on to direct 2006’s The Hills Have Eyes remake. His last big screen outing was 2012’s Maniac, starring Elijah Wood. Producing alongside Aja is Red Granite Picture’s Joey McFarlane and Cathy Schulman who worked on the Oscar winning Crash. Adapting Hill’s work for the screen is playwright Keith Bunn, who’s biggest achievement is probably an appearance on 2011’s 'Black List' of most promising unproduced screenplays.

The Cast

Juno Temple stars as Radcliffe’s former girlfriend Merrin, who is already dead when the film begins, while Heather Graham also makes an appearance as ‘the waitress’. The rest of the cast is largely made up of lesser known names, including ‘Sex and the City’ guest star James Remar and Twlight: Breaking Dawn alumni Joe Anderson.

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Is it any good?

Horns got a mixed critical reaction at Toronto International Film Festival.  The main criticism seem to be that the film had an uneven tone. Is it a fully fledged horror flick or more of a dark comedy? Alexander Aja might not even be sure. But still, from the trailer it does look to be an intriguingly different kind of horror movie and the inclusion of Radcliffe should be enough to shift cinema tickets, especially during Halloween time.

Horns comes to U.K. theatres on  October 31st, so far no U.S. release date has been announced.

Daniel Radcliffe in HornsHorns comes to the UK on October 31st