Since he burst onto the scene as a wee magician all those years ago, Daniel Radcliffe has become a global star. Eight Harry Potter films secured him a lifetime of wealth and fame, but the 24-year-old Fulham-born actor hasn’t stopped working since, so maybe it’s time for a break.

“I do need a break – doing Cripple was amazing but the last month was slightly exhausting,” he told The Daily Star. “I’ve got three weeks off in October and I’m going to bum around New York and see some shows. I need to get some proper downtime.”

Sounds great, doesn’t it, some time in New York to see some shows, eat great burgers and quaff premium grade sodas. And he deserves it after playing The Cripple Of Inishmaan in London’s West End. But his brief haitus could be halted by a new job: replacing Sacha Baron Cohen to play Freddie Mercury.

A source told the Star: “Despite his youth, Daniel impressed movie bosses with his portrayal of gay poet Allen Ginsburg in this year’s movie Kill Your Darlings. Plus, he’s closer in height to Freddie than Sacha, who’s much taller. Daniel can really sing, too.”

Baron Cohen dropped out because of creative differences. He wanted to explore the intricacies of Mercury’s life, including the more sordid aspects that would land the film a slightly higher age rating. Guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor – who are involved in the film – want a more family-friendly affair to appeal to a mass audience.

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