Earlier this week he mentioned his desire to play a superhero, but Daniel Radcliffe is keeping his options open. In an interview with U.S. radio host Eric J Lawrence, Radcliffe remarked on the physical similarities between the two, commenting "We've got a similar, gnarly sort of, slightly strange skinny bodies." Pop was portrayed on screen by Foo Fighters' drummer Taylor Hawkins last year in the film CBGB but the film was a commercial and critical flop. 

Daniel Radcliffe at the premiere for new film What If

In the subject of music, Daniel spoke of his love for the British indie band, The Libertines, particularly their troubled frontman, Pete Doherty, in an interview with The Daily Mail. "I was obsessed with Pete when I was growing up, absolutely obsessed with The Libertines. And then I saw him a few months back on the train, having a cup of tea." He admitted that the star's outlandish ways had an impact on him. "I did used to worry about him when I was younger. I felt scared for him because of all the drugs and the lifestyle. I didn't say anything to him about it. It's his business. It's his stuff to deal with. Why would he want to hear anything from me?"

Radcliffe previously said he would love to play a superhero, particularly in the DC universe, and suggested he could be the Robin to Ben Affleck's Batman if there is a sequel to the hotly anticipated Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Although he will always be known as Harry Potter to many, Radcliffe has proven his versatility as an actor since the fantasy series finished, performing on stage as well as in films to rave reviews. He is currently starring in romantic comedy What If alongside Zoe Kazan and will be seen next year in the dark comedy Horns

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