Daniel Radcliffe wants to offer "fame counselling" to reality stars.

The 34-year-old actor was previously an enthusiastic participant on the 'Love to See It With Emma and Claire' podcast, which discusses reality dating shows, and he admitted he finds it "fascinating" to meet people from programmes such as 'The Bachelor', but he'd like to give them some guidance about navigating life in the public eye.

He told The Atlantic: “I always find them fascinating to talk to.

"I say I always want to do fame counseling with them, because I’m just like, ‘I’ve had a lot of practice at this now—you guys have just been shot out of a cannon.'

"[I always want to ask them] 'How are you? Are you okay?' "

Daniel credits his partner Erin Darke - with whom he has a 12-month-old son - for helping him establish "boundaries" with fans, including not having to be "nice" in the face of people being "weird".

He said: “I have learned so much from her about my own boundaries.

"Very occasionally, people will come up to me in the street and be very weird or rude or something like that. And she has given me a sense over the years of: You don’t have to just be nice to everyone when they’re weird with you. She’s given me some sense of my own autonomy, I guess.”

The couple met on the set of 'Kill Your Darlings' in 2012 and Daniel recalled the awkwardness of an acting exercise director John Krokidas put them through just days after they started work.

He said: "[We were stood] “a foot from each other, and made eye contact and said things that we found attractive about each other or said things that we liked about each other.

"And I was so immediately aware that I was going red because I was like, Oh God, there’s no way for this girl not to find out that I really like her in this moment.”

The 'Harry Potter' actor thinks the thriller will be an "awkward watch" for their son when he is older because of an intimate scene in the film.

Daniel is currently starring in 'Merrily We Roll Along' on New York's Broadway but when it comes to an end in July, he's looking forward to some time off.

He said: “We’re just going to be a family for a bit, and I’m very, very excited about that, to be honest.”