Unbeknown to many, Daniel Radcliffe turned to booze while filming the 'Harry Potter' film series.

The now teetotal actor recently opened up about how drinking alcohol was his coping mechanism when it came to dealing with fame.

Radcliffe's meteoric rise to global stardom through the 'Harry Potter' character brought along a huge amount of pressure, and in some instances he would even show up to filming drunk.

These revelations came when the 24 year-old was speaking to Sky Arts in an interview that will air later this year.

"I would have benefited from not drinking," he admitted. "It was not making me as happy as I wanted it to."

One reason why Radcliffe chose to drink heavily was due to anxiety about not having a successful post-Potter career.

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"It is not a real pressure, but it is a pressure of living with the thought of, 'Oh, what if all these people are saying I am not going to have a career?" he said. "What if they are all going to be right and will be laughing and I will be consigned to a bunch of 'where are they now?' lists?'"

The British star, who has been sober since 2010, has gone on to earn critical acclaim in theatres productions as well as other film projects, but he will always credit the fantasy film series for giving him other career opportunities.

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"People don't shout Harry Potter at me now, they tend to know my name, which is lovely," he explained. "But I always will credit the opportunities I get to Harry Potter. I would not be a happy person if I was bitter about those ten years of my life."

Radcliffe has been sober since 2010