Daniel Radcliffe feels "lucky" not to have had "pushy" parents when he was growing up.

The 33-year-old actor - who was just 10 years old when he made his acting debut in TV miniseries 'David Copperfield' and was cast as the lead in the 'Harry Potter' film series when he was 11 - has praised his "incredible" mother and father for the way they handled his career and life in the spotlight.

He told 'Entertainment Tonight': "My parents were incredible. They were really supportive. They walked the balance of not being pushy but always supportive. In a way that's not often credited to the parents of child actors.

"So, I'm lucky."

Daniel can next be seen in 'Weird: The Al Yankovic Story' and he was also thankful the parody musician was so supportive of his work on the project.

He said: "He was there on set everyday, he was incredibly involved in the shoot. Yeah he was really kind, the whole way."

Daniel's girlfriend Erin Darke is a huge fan of the musical comedian but the actor recently admitted he was mainly concerned about what her family would think of the Eric Appel-directed film.

Asked how Erin reacted, he said: “Actually, after Eric and Al, the people I’m most concerned about their reaction is probably my in-laws.

“Erin’s dad and brother, because they’re massive fans as well. Erin’s seen the movie but I’ll be interested in what [her father] Ian thinks. I really hope he likes it.”

Erin's family may get a shock because the 'Swiss Army Man' star has admitted the biopic contains one of the most "bizarre" scenes he's ever filmed.

He said: "The thing that's so fascinating about Al is that he manages to thread the needle between wholesome and genuinely weird. "He can be childishly surreal, with a real edge of madness and danger to him.

"There's one scene involving an LSD trip that's probably the most bizarre thing I've ever done.''