Daniel Radcliffe will star in the upcoming sequel to the 2013 movie Now You See Me. The former Harry Potter star will play the son of the character played by Michael Caine in the magic / heist caper.

Daniel Radcliffe
Daniel Radcliffe will star in the upcoming movie sequel to Now You See Me as Michael Caine's son

Caine himself made the unexpected casting announcement in an interview with the movie blog Hey You Guys! “There’s a sequel to Now You See Me and we’re shooting in London,” he said. “I shoot in December, the whole of December in London, and my son is Harry Potter. I thought it’d be funny, me and Daniel Radcliffe as father and son.”

The casting will see Radcliffe feature once more in a film to do with magic, which is bound to stoke a great deal of anticipation outside of the usual critical circles. Some would argue that this is completely unexpected, since the 25 year old has been making moves to establish himself in other movie genres as a more serious actor since the Potter franchise came to an end a few years back. He starred in the recent rom-com What If and has also featured in the British horror movie The Woman In Black and the Allen Ginsberg biopic Kill Your Darlings.

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The first Now You See Me was released to mixed reviews last year, with many criticising the film’s unresolved plot points. It concerned four magicians recruited by a mysterious individual to pull off a daring, seemingly impossible bank raid. Nevertheless, the film was a commercial success, taking over $350 million worldwide.

The sequel is scheduled for release at some point in 2016, and will see the return of all four of the original’s main protagonists in the shape of Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Isla Fisher and Dave Franco.