The young Brit admits he can be a little over-accommodating when fans ask him to pose for photos, but he'd never go home with a devotee.

"I'm better at saying no than Rupert Grint," he tells Playboy. "He ended up going back to a fan's house because he couldn't say no to anything they asked. That's when it's gone too far."

That said, Radcliffe's girlfriend Erin Darke has been known to give the actor a hard time when he's too polite to rude fans.

"The a**holes want pictures as well, but they want to be an a**hole as they take the picture with you," the actor grumbles. "They'll start off, 'Just so you know, I never really liked the Harry Potter movies'. 'Thanks, d**khead, that's 10 f**king years of my life!'

"One time, a girl came up to me and said, 'Could I have a picture?' I said, 'Yeah, sure, if you want to'. And she goes, 'Well, I wouldn't have asked if I didn't want to...'

"Me being me, I'm just like, 'Sorry, that's silly of me'. Then she walks off and Erin says to me, 'That girl was a d**k to you. You don't have to be nice if someone's rude'."