Daniel Radcliffe says he's fortunate to still enjoy acting, despite being a former child star.

Although the now 34-year-old actor got his big breakthrough playing the titular role in 'Harry Potter' when he was 11 in 2000's 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone', he had already appeared in the BBC adaptation of 'David Copperfield' as a young Copperfield in 1999.

And despite other young actors' love for the field waning, the same can't be said for the theatre and screen star.

He told The New York Post's Page Six column: “There’s a lot of people who started young, then find themselves in a position [where] they don’t actually like the job very much; they feel trapped in it. From quite young I was like, ‘This is what I want to do.’”

Daniel is an established stage star and is up for his first Tony for Best Performance by a Featured Actor in a Musical award for 'Merrily We Roll Along'.

And he was equally as excited when he played the legendary wizard in the money-spinning wizarding franchise as he was when he first took to the stage in 'Equus' in 2007.

He said: “I loved when I was ‘Potter,’ I loved it when I started doing stage, I loved it."

Whilst he loves his profession, the fame side of things can be hard to deal with.

However, Daniel credits his partner Erin Darke - with whom he has a 12-month-old son - for helping him establish "boundaries" with fans, including not having to be "nice" in the face of people being "weird".

He told The Atlantic: “I have learned so much from her about my own boundaries.

"Very occasionally, people will come up to me in the street and be very weird or rude or something like that. And she has given me a sense over the years of: You don’t have to just be nice to everyone when they’re weird with you. She’s given me some sense of my own autonomy, I guess.”

The couple met on the set of 'Kill Your Darlings' in 2012.