As Daniel Radcliffe continues to experiment with movie genres, he has frequently mentioned that he is happiest about his role in the new thriller 'Horns', directed by maverick filmmaker Alexandre Aja. The 36-year-old writer-director has been playing with the horror genre since his 1999 feature debut 'Furia', a post-apocalyptic romp starring a little-known Marion Cotillard.

Daniel Radcliffe and Juno Temple in Horns
Daniel Radcliffe and Juno Temple are star-crossed lovers in 'Horns'

After the vicious 'High Tension' (2003) and a pair of remakes ('The Hills Have Eyes' and 'Mirrors'), Aja took a sharp left turn into comedy with the hit 'Piranha 3D'. And now he's combined humour with terror for 'Horns', in which Daniel Radcliffe plays a hapless guy who is suspected of killing his girlfriend (Juno Temple), but discovers that the horns growing out of his head might help him find the real murderer. 

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'Horns' is based on a novel by Joe Hill (son of Stephen King). Radcliffe says what appealed to him most about the project was its darkness. 'My character suddenly becomes aware that everybody has these evil thoughts inside them', he says, 'so he ends up having, well, sympathy for the devil!'

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And while Radcliffe prepares for his next genre, the celebrity biopic (he'll play Seb Coe in 'Gold'), Aja continues to experiment with ways of scaring his audiences. He is currently filming the psychological mystery-thriller 'The 9th Life of Louis Drax' with Jamie Dornan, Aaron Paul and Sarah Gadon, and after that he'll head to the stars for the sci-fi romp 'Space Adventure Cobra'. Now there's a genre Radcliffe hasn't tried yet.

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