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Daniel Merriweather Gives Up Meat

Australian pop star Daniel Merriweather is celebrating nine months of sobriety by giving up meat.The Change singer checked into a rehab clinic to sober up in the aftermath of a nasty car crash last December...

Daniel Merriweather Joins Campaign Over Hometown Fast Food Joint

Australian singer/songwriter Daniel Merriweather has thrown his support behind a campaign to stop bosses at fast food giant MCDonald's opening a super-sized restaurant close to a local school.The Change hitmaker, who grew up in an...

Celine Dion Changes Album Title After Daniel Merriweather Dispute

Celine Dion has reportedly changed the name of her new album just weeks after becoming embroiled in a public dispute with singer/songwriter Daniel Merriweather over the title track.Dion has recorded a cover version of Merriweather's...

Daniel Merriweather Steps Up Celine Dion Song Dispute

Singer/songwriter Daniel Merriweather has taken another swipe at Celine Dion in an ongoing row over her cover of his song Water And A Flame, accusing the superstar of only choosing the track because of its...

Celine Dion's Managers Brand Daniel Merriweather's Criticism Unfair

Celine Dion's managers have spoken out to defend the superstar against the "hurtful" criticism from singer/songwriter Daniel Merriweather, who accused her of failing to publicly credit him after covering one of his tracks.Dion debuted the...

Daniel Merriweather Furious Over Celine Dion Song Cover

Singer/songwriter Daniel Merriweather has criticised Celine Dion for covering his song Water And A Flame and failing to publicly credit him.Dion unveiled her new song Water and a Flame, the title track of her next...

Daniel Merriweather Checked Into Rehab After Car Crash

Australian pop star Daniel Merriweather checked into rehab to sober up in the aftermath of a nasty crash which led to a drink-driving conviction.The singer was banned from the road for 14 months this week...

Daniel Merriweather Banned From Driving

Australian pop star Daniel Merriweather has been banned from the road after crashing his car while drunk and fleeing the scene of the accident.The singer/songwriter was involved in a collision in Melbourne last December (12)...

Daniel Merriweather's Twitter Page Hacked

Australian pop star Daniel Merriweather has fallen victim to hackers.The Stop Me hitmaker surprised fans on Monday (29Oct12) when messages about a miracle weightloss product appeared online and it quickly became clear they weren't...

Mark Ronson Ready For Movie Soundtracks

Mark Ronson "would enjoy" working on more movie soundtracks after his experience on 'Arthur'.The producer-and-musician had a great experience working on his first film - a remake of the 1981 comedy in which Russell Brand...

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