Review of Red Single by Daniel Merriweather

Review of Daneil Merriweathers single Red.

Daniel Merriweather Red Single

Daniel Merriweather is the Aussie voice on Mark Ronson's version of The Smiths 'Stop Me If You Think That You've Heard This One Before' and is often hyped up, which is mostly to do with his celebrity connections such as Ronson and Sean Lennon playing guitar on this single – 'Red'.

It has to be said that on hearing the song, the hype seems to be overdone. Yes, it's lyrically competent and Yes it could be considered as catchy or anthemic, but it lacks something to give it a punch. Although he isn't, you often you get the feeling that Merriweather is one the boy-band-done-good-guys we keep seeing.

Merriweather states influences from Motown and Soul but 'Red' lacks any real feeling and will most probably only be appreciated by your Mum.

Pablo Roffey

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