Review of Within The Boundaries Single by Daniel Land

Single review of 'Within The Boundaries' from Daniel Land & The Modern Painters released through Sonic Cathedral.

Daniel Land Within The Boundaries Single

Although initially lambasted by many parts of the music press upon their emergence nearly twenty years ago, the legacy that is Slowdive seems to have not only stood the test of time, but actually increased in kudos with every passing year. Their fusion of ambient sounds with reverb-infused guitar epics was nothing short of groundbreaking in its day, and their influence can be heard in many an up-and-coming artist's work today.

One of those undoubtedly is Devon-reared musician and songwriter Daniel Land, an artist who states his ambition as being nothing more than wanting to compose the perfect pop song but who at the same time admits the finished results usually end up swathed in all kind's of sonic effects, such is his admiration for the aforementioned Reading quintet and fellow shoegaze pioneers the Cocteau Twins.

Both 'Within The Boundaries' and 'Benjamin's Room' do however manage to go one step further in that both sound as relevant to 2008 as anything else released this year rather than some deftly assembled tribute to the past, in that by following similar paths to the ones chosen by Maps and Airiel's more recent brush with electronic-based overdubs, Land and his Modern Painters - with a little help from much revered musician/DJ/producer Ulrich Schnauss - really has conjured up a holier-than-thou collage of sound befitting of the phrase "Sonic Cathedral" his record label can be unashamedly proud of.

Dom Gourlay

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