Review of Presents Funk Mundial Album by Daniel Haaksman

Review of Daniel Haaksman's compilation 'Daniel Haaksman Presents Funk Mundial'

Daniel Haaksman Presents Funk Mundial Album

Daniel Haaksman, Berlin based DJ, the man behind Man Recordings (formerly behind Essay Recordings) and the guy they say is responsible for bringing Baile Funk to Europe. Depending on whom you speak to they may agree. Others may favour Diplo's odds, or Giles Peterson. Irrespective of your view Mr. Haaksman has been busy in South America. Flying back and forth, Recording MC's and vocalists then twinning these with the production efforts from the cream of Europe's Dancefloor producers. Funk Mundial is a collection of some such recordings, also incorporating techno, and house as influences. Baile funk, for those of you who don't know, started in Brazil in the late 1980's. A kind of pastiche of the Miami Bass sound with a more rootsy South American folk. It probably sounds more exotic than it is. You'll have heard takes on this sound emanating for some time. M.I.A is a good example. This isn't Haaksman's first endeavour into such waters; he previously released 2 mixes of Rio Baile Funk in 2004 & 2006. As well as many other mixes of electronic music married with another genre, like dub on 'Dub Infusions' and 'More Dub Infusions'. Needless to say this kinda thing seems to be DH's bag. Anyway, lets see what the fuss is about.

Opening is about what I expected. Not really turning any new tricks. The fact that Baile Funk was born our of a dance music genre anyway means that what these guys are doing here isn't difficult. It's not like, say, trying to fuse breakcore with opera.

'Tamborzuda' by Count and Sinden is probably the highlight for me. A fusion of sounds that doesn't sound in the least bit forced or cheesy. It's just two genres living together in harmony. Maybe that's abit strong. However, it is simply the best of the bunch for me. Though Haaksman's own 'Who's Afraid of Rio' comes close. MC Jennifer doing a damn good job on vocals.

Another interesting turn on this album comes from Makossa and Meggablast, who have stripped the Baile Funk sound down to a deeply chilled minimal techno affair on Late Que Eu To Passando, featuring the all female vocal group Gaiola Das Popzudas. This track is perhaps the most surprising of the compilation, with none of the obvious path's travelled when adapting this sound to their ears.

Overall I think that Mr. Haaksman has done a great job on this compilation. Not to mention the contributors Crookers, Feadz, Count, Sinden, Stereotyp, DJ C, etc, etc. Now, this is most definitely a summer album, and simply wouldn't feel right played in autumn or winter. Its fresh, vibrant summer fun pressed into plastic and released to the masses.not that a lot of them will hear it. If you've been digging the rise of Baile Funk through Diplo, Bonde de Role, M.I.A, Buraka Som Sistema, then this will be your thing, if not, give it a listen at least, it might just kick your summer off.

Thom Holmes

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