The trailer that cut between the two halves of last night's presidential debate was of Steven Spielberg's 'Lincoln', starring Daniel Day Lewis as the man himself. To say the trailer was 'timely' may be an understatement, the film's very creation could have been made for that very trailer, to hit at that very time. And it could not have been more profound, many people, including the Washington Post, saying that it 'won last night's presidential debate'. Indeed, against 'Lincoln' there is no competition.

This trailer, titled 'Unite' is different from the original trailer released two weeks ago. The opening, in particular has been altered. Powerful modern images of Martin Luther King Jr and Ghandi, of iconic American scenery, of Nelson Mandela, and of war, appear in black and white, with Lewis's voice as Lincoln speaking powerful words over, "We begin with equality, that's the origin isn't it, that's justice.'

Spielberg's democratic political leanings come to the fore in this film, and heightened in this trailer. If Lincoln has won, then so has Barack Obama. Beginning with equality is precisely where many of Obama's policies began, most notably the national health system that he is attempting to implement. Indeed, another of Lincoln's words of wisdom "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt", should perhaps be heeded by some other political figure in the US.

'Lincoln' is the third of Spielberg's historical epics, and if it's anywhere near as successful, powerful or touching as 'Schindler's List' or 'Saving Private Ryan' then it will surely not be one to miss. Lincoln will be available on nationwide release on November 16th (US).