Actor Daniel Day-Lewis is rumoured to succeed Daniel Craig as the new James Bond after the author of the latest Bond books picked him out as having the perfect look. The interesting choice for the brand new 007 has come from author William Boyd who has said that Day-Lewis is the closest living representations of IAN FLEMING's original envisagement of his spy hero.

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Daniel Day-Lewis Has Been Given The New Bond Author's Vote Of Cofidence To Play 007.

"I think Daniel Day-Lewis actually resembles the Bond Fleming described," Boyd said. "He described Bond on at least three occasions, I think, as looking like Hoagy Carmichael." The author added the Day-Lewis' specific characteristics "He is a tall, lean, rangy, very dark-haired, good-looking man. Almost swarthy. And there is a sense in which that image was what he saw Bond looking like. So that's why I'd choose him."

The 56 year-old actor has made his name playing intense roles that allow him to show off his blindingly good acting skills, such as The Crucible's John Proctor, There Will Be Blood's Daniel Plainview, and Lincoln's titular US President. The Oscar-winning actor has become famous for his method style of acting and his almost chameleon-like ability to morph into the skin of any character.

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The Actor Would Mark A Step Away From The Action Hero-Types.

Bond actors aren't exactly renowned for their acting abilities - more the power to make women's clothes disappear at a single glance - but Day-Lewis could bring integrity to the franchise as we see 007 battle villains of cyberspace, a changing technological world and his own aging as we did in last year's Skyfall.

The next novel, penned by Boyd, will be entitled Solo and will follow the spy on his mission to West Africa to quell a brewing civil war, to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Fleming's first novel according to The Telegraph. Set in 1969, the novel will take Bond on a "feverish mission", with a "twisting conspiracy that extends further than Bond ever imagined."

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Will Daniel Day-Lewis Succeed Daniel Craig?

However Boyd, who has written 11 novels for film and television, isn't writing a made-for-film Bond adventure and has stated that it is "highly unlikely" the story would be adapted for cinema without significant changes.

Boyd explained "It is set in 1969 and the Bond films are always set in the present day. They'll never make a retro Bond, I suppose they can take my plot and update it but then it would be different and because it's set in the 1960s it gives it a particular flavour."

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