As Steven Spielberg's political epic Lincoln enjoys its full U.S release today (Friday, Nov 16), we've decided to round up all the reviews so you can make the trickiest of all the choices: what to see this weekend at the cinema.

The film sees Daniel Day Lewis star as Abraham Lincoln; America's 16th president, and the man instrumental in pushing through legislation to emancipate the slaves. "The phenomenal Daniel Day-Lewis plays Lincoln with immersive, indelible power in Spielberg's brilliant, brawling epic," says Rolling Stone, while over at The New Yorker they were equally doting, saying, "The true tussle of the movie, however, is between the Spielberg who, like a cinematic Sandburg, is drawn aloft toward legend and the Spielberg who is tugged down by Kushner's intricate screenplay toward documentary grit." The Los Angeles Times gave the film 4/5 stars, and wrote, "There is nothing bravura or overly emotional about Spielberg's direction here, but the impeccable filmmaking is no less impressive for being quiet and to the point."

Overall, Lincoln is 'certified fresh' by Rotten Tomatoes, which is nice milestone for any film to receive, considering the site compiles review scores to give an overall picture of the critical response. U.K cinema are also treated to a piece of film artistry this weekend, as Paul Thomas Anderson's The Master finally makes its way across the pond. They'll have to wait until January 25th for Lincoln, though.