Daniel Craig’s love for a new pair of gloves allegedly nearly cost Bond producers millions during the editing of Skyfall, as they presented a major continuity error. Film critic Charlie Lyne has shared a story he heard from a man who worked on Skyfall, who recalled one of the film’s most important fight scenes nearly being ruined, all because of a pair of gloves.

Daniel Craig in SkyfallDid Daniel Craig’s special gloves nearly ruin Skyfall?

According to Lyne's story, which was shared through two videos on Twitter, Daniel Craig and director, Sam Mendes, were both completely miserable during the production of Skyfall, as they “were buried under the weight of the studio and the expectations” of how much the film should make.

In order to unwind Craig used to go on little shopping trips during his time off from filming and one day he bought a nice pair of leather gloves from a nearby shop and brought them on to set the next day.

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The actor then asked Mendes if he could wear the gloves in the next scene as he felt they suited the Bond character. Without thinking Mendes agreed and that’s where the problem began. The scene they were shooting was the one in which Bond had fallen into a pit that's filled with Komodo dragons and then has a showdown with a villain who manages to steal his gun.

But this wasn't any gun, this gun was one which recognised Bond’s fingerprints and only he could fire it. During the film’s editing an “editorial assistant type guy” noticed the error and said: “Wait a minute. The logic here is that the villain can't fire Bond's gun because it has a fingerprint scanner, but if that's the case, then how was Bond ever going to fire it wearing gloves?”

According to the story at this point Mendes says, “Oh shit”. Lyne continued: ”Producers start frantically working out how much it will cost to reshoot the entire scene just because Sam Mendes agreed that Daniel Craig could wear these special gloves that he bought”.

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The figure to reshoot the scenes turned out to be in the millions and therefore unaffordable. "The only solution becomes to digitally paint in Bond's hands.” Lyne said. "If you watch the scene now ... you can see that Bond has these ridiculously podgy hands he has these like Mr Blobby hands because in every single frame he was wearing these thick leather gloves that have now been painted over with Craig-tone hands.”

But, as Lyne adds, “at least Daniel Craig got to wear his gloves on set that day.” The story is yet to be confirmed by Craig or Mendes, but if true it makes for a brilliant anecdote about a film which already has 36 continuity errors listed on the Movie Mistakes website.