James Bond’s next adventure Spectre could be on course to be one of the most expensive movies ever made with a reported budget of around $350 million. But according to reports based on more leaked emails from Sony, $20 million of Spectre’s hefty budget could be coming straight from the Mexican government, if the film's producers agree to a few demands.

SpectreDaniel Craig as Bond in Spectre

According to taxanalysts.com Spectre’s producers have received $20m from the Mexican government, after agreeing to a series of stipulations designed to portray the country in a positive light.

Taxanalysts’ report is based on more leaked Sony emails, including one by MGM president Jonathan Glickman in which he writes “We are currently facing a budget that is far beyond what we anticipated and are under immense pressure to reduce the number to $250M net of rebates and incentives.”

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The list of demands from Mexico is reported to have included, that aerial shots of “modern Mexico City buildings” had to appear in the movie, villain Sciarra could not be played by a Mexican person and that a “special police force” would take the place of the Mexican police, who originally featured in the script.

The government is also said to have asked that the producers cast “a known Mexican actress” as Estrella in the movie. Last week Mexican actress Stephanie Sigman, best known for her role in Miss Bala, was announced as playing the mysterious Bond girl.

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In another email Jonathan Glickman is reported to have told the film’s producer, “You have done a great job in getting us the Mexican incentive. Let’s continue to pursue whatever avenues we have to available to maximise this incentive.”

Spectre, which sees Daniel Craig reprise his role as 007, also stars Monica Bellucci, Ralph Fiennes, Ben Whishaw,and Naomie Harris. It is due to be released worldwide on November 6th 2015.