The first footage from Spectre, the follow-up to the critically acclaimed Bond movie Skyfall, has premiered online. Shot in Solden, Austria, the-behind-the-scenes featurette shows the crew filming the "jewel in the crown" action scene that appears to culminate with Daniel Craig dressed in black firing shots at a burning vehicle on a snowy mountaintop.

SpectreDaniel Craig in the first official set photo from Spectre

The video also reveals a large glass building that some fans have speculated could be the base for Spectre.

The clip also features interview with the key crewmembers, including associate producer Gregg Wilson who said: "This is going to be one of the major action sequences of the movie, a jewel in the crown so to speak. It's going to be spectacular and Austria seemed to offer everything that we needed to pull it off."

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Production designer Dennis Gassner said: "The thing that Sam [Mendes] and I talked about was how we are going to top Skyfall. It's going to be Spectre and so far it's a great start."

Plot details for Spectre remain tightly under wraps though we're aware that Bond receives a "cryptic message" from his past that will lead him to uncover the "terrible truth" behind the shadowy organization. It is speculated that Christoph Waltz will play the classic Bond villain Blofeld - and leaked script annotations would confirm this - though the Oscar winner played that down when speaking at the premiere of Big Eyes.

"No. No. It's more interesting than that," he told Collider.

Filming on the 24th official James Bond movie began filming at Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire in December. 

Spectre, which also stars Lea Seydoux and Dave Bautista, is set for release on November 6, 2015. 

Watch the behind-the-scenes clip from Spectre: