The creators of James Bond have signed a new brand placement deal with Belvedere Vodka, meaning Daniel Craig will return to drinking his famous martinis in the 24th 007 movie, Spectre. Bond will be requesting his favourite tipple "shaken not stirred" once the film hits in November 2015.

SkyfallDaniel Craig chugged down on Heineken's in Skyfall

There was some speculation that Bond would continue his lager drinking period with a renewed Heineken deal and, although that contract is signed, it seems the producers were keen to reinstate his penchant for martinis. The character's first drink was a Vespa - a mix of gin, vodka and Kina Lillet - appeared in Ian Fleming's first book, Casino Royale.

However, he ordered a martini in Live and Let Die in 1954 and first showed his preference for a "grain vodka", which Belvedere is.

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In 2012, Sony, Coca-Cola, Bollinger, Swarovski, Omega and Tom Ford all struck product placement deals, while Aston Martin, Bollinger, Heineken, Jaguar Land Rover, Omega, Sony Electronics and Sony Mobile have all signed up for Spectre

Some Bond aficionados claim the deals cheapen the 007 movies, though Michael G. Wilson, the co-producer of the films, has previously defended the deals. 

"What normally happens is the firms agree to provide the products free of charge along with the necessary technical support," he said, according to the Daily Mail.

"If you look at the original Bond books by Ian Fleming, you realise that he mentions specific products in them."

"We try to make sure that we only include products that are in keeping with that idea."

Spectre, directed by Sam Mendes and starring Daniel Craig, Christoph Waltz, Lea Seydoux and Monica Belluci, hits screens on November 6, 2015. 

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