Former Bond Girl Caterina Murino has revealed why she thinks Daniel Craig won’t be returning as 007. Speaking to The Sunday People Murino, who starred with Craig in his first Bond movie Casino Royale, says that she believes the pressure of being 007 was just too much for the ‘perfectionist’ actor.

Daniel CraigDaniel Craig is expected not to return as 007.

“It’s hugely stressful being Bond. There’s a lot of money involved, so that also brought more tension – and a lot of that tension was on Daniel,” Murino said. “It’s not easy to go back time and time again. It can be tiring to keep trying to find new things in the same role.

“I can understand why Daniel would not want to return. Bringing back the same role again can be complicated.” Speaking about who may be the next Bond Murino continued: “I’m a huge fan of Tom’s (Hiddleston) work. I believe Barbara will pick someone like that who has a theatre background."

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Murino also revealed how Craig was a perfectionist on set and often became frustrated. “Starting the movie, Daniel was not completely relaxed on set. The press were being so mean about him,” she explained. “People were expecting him to fail and you could feel the tension.

“It wasn’t just a challenge for Daniel, but for everyone making Casino Royale. The saga of whether the new Bond would work was constant. I could tell he had a small amount of doubt about his abilities at the beginning, but he also knew the role would change his life and he would go down in history.”

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“He was happy – but frightened, ­because everybody was looking at him. That was a lot to carry.” Murino added that sometimes his strive for perfection would lead to hours of work on particular scenes. “I remember the scene where I arrive at the casino and my screen husband is about to move his playing card.

“We shot that same scene and played the same card over and over for two days straight. Then Daniel said, ‘Don’t put the camera on me any more, what else can I do, I don’t know what to do any more.’ So many people laughed – Daniel is a perfectionist, but he’s also human. After two days shooting you can’t really create anything new.”