Daniel Craig thinks Kanye West should play James Bond.

The 'SPECTRE' star has already tipped a woman or a black actor to take on the role of the suave super spy, and after hearing Kanye's name put in the frame he claims the rapper would be just as good a choice as anybody to take the wheel of the franchise once he parks up his Aston Martin for the final time.

He quipped: ''Is Kanye the new one? F**k it, yeah, get him in now.''

However, Craig is growing a little tired of the endless speculation about his successor especially as he's yet to call time on his 007 tenure.

He added to GQ Australia magazine: ''You know Roger Moore's also 200-1? So too David Beckham. Whatever. On the list of my priorities this is not even near the bottom.''

Perhaps his irritability when talking about his successor stems from the pressure he is under for upcoming film 'SPECTRE' - his fourth outing in the role - to be a success.

He said: ''When I first started these movies I didn't know any better - I was naive and didn't worry about a great deal, I just got on with it.

''As they went on, the pressure built. People thought 'Casino Royale' would bomb, it was a massive success and they were like, 'What are you going to do now?' Then 'Quantum of Solace', OK, it was difficult and a huge amount of pressure, but then with 'Skyfall', again it was, 'What are you going to do now?' Well, we got Sam Mendes on board and it suddenly became a bit easier.

'''Skyfall' made a billion. That's brilliant, but then you go, 'What the f**k is a billion dollars?' I can't conceive how many f***ing tickets sales that is, I could probably look it up, but I'm not going to, I've better things to do.''

Craig, 47, himself admits he has no idea when he'll quit playing Bond, but after four films he's still relishing the part.

He said: ''That's the question isn't it - do you leave the party early or do you stay and get p***ed on the floor? It's a big debate and at the moment I just don't know.''