Daniel Craig couldn't understand why everyone was obsessed with his 'Knives Out' co-star Chris Evans' jumper in the film.

The former James Bond - who stars as detective Benoit Blanc in Rian Johnson's whodunnit franchise - couldn't get his head around the cable-knit sweater Chris' alter-ego, Hugh Ransom Drysdalel, wears in the 2019 flick.

He told BBC Radio 1: “It’s the bit that goes over my head.

“I don’t understand. It’s like, so Chris Evans is wearing a jumper. It’s like he’s naked or at least naked from the sort of waist down, wearing a jumper. I’m like, ‘He’s just wearing a jumper.’ News is like, ‘Chris Evans wears jumper!’”

He added: “Sure, it’s a living. He does it very well.

“He wears it very beautifully.”

The sequel, 'Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery', has just been released.

But Rian has just confessed he is annoyed that 'Knives Out' is included in the title.

The filmmaker says he worked hard to ensure that the original flick and the recent release felt like separate movies that could exist independently of each other and he was not happy with the full title.

Speaking to The Atlantic, he said: "I’ve tried hard to make them self-contained. Honestly, I’m p***** off that we have 'A Knives Out Mystery' in the title. You know? I want it to just be called 'Glass Onion'.

"I get it, and I want everyone who liked the first movie to know this is next in the series, but also, the whole appeal to me is it’s a new novel off the shelf every time. But there’s a gravity of a thousand suns toward serialised storytelling."

Daniel is the only actor from the first film to return for the second movie.

And Rian also admitted he would have preferred a longer theatrical release from Netflix.

He said: "I’d love it to be longer; I’d love it to be in more. But also, I appreciate that Netflix has done this, because this was a huge effort on their part, and the chains, to reach across the aisle and make this happen. I’m hoping it does really well so we can demonstrate that they can complement each other."

'Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery' co-stars Edward Norton, Janelle Monáe, Kathryn Hahn, Leslie Odom Jr., Jessica Henwick, Madelyn Cline, Kate Hudson and Dave Bautista.