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The Face of an Angel Trailer

In 2007, a young British student was brutally sexually assaulted and murdered in the room of an Italian house. Her American roommate is arrested and tried for the murder, but there's a problem. The girl looks far too innocent for anyone to convict her of the horrific crimes she has been accused of. When a journalist and a documentary filmmaker arrive on the scene, they join together to try to get to the bottom of the crime, all the while raking up more and more of the dirt surrounding the case. 

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Daniel Bruhl Reportedly Cast In 'Captain America: Civil War' In Unspecific Role

Daniel Bruhl Robert Downey Jr Anthony Mackie Sebastian Stan Samuel L Jackson Chadwick Boseman Scarlett Johansson

Daniel Bruhl has reportedly been cast in the next Captain America film entitled Captain America: Civil War.

Daniel Bruhl
Daniel Bruhl has been cast in Captain America: Civil War.

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A Most Wanted Man Review


Photographer-turned-filmmaker Anton Corbijn continues to show striking maturity with only his third movie (after Control and The American). Based on the John Le Carre novel, this thriller avoids cliches to become a brilliantly tense spy drama. It also offers Philip Seymour Hoffman another terrific posthumous performance, one of his best ever, as a quietly tenacious man who refuses to get caught up in the hype.

Set in Hamburg, the story centres on Gunther (Hoffman), the exhausted leader of a top-secret anti-terrorist unit who has gathered around him a loyal team (including Nina Hoss, Daniel Bruhl and Vicky Krieps). When they spot an unknown Chechen in town, they identify him as Issa (Grigoriy Dobrygin) but aren't sure what he's up to. Gunther thinks that following him is the best course of action, as he may lead them to much bigger fish. And they're further intrigued when he contacts a lawyer (Rachel McAdams) and a powerful banker (Willem Dafoe). But the local police and German security forces want to arrest Issa and interrogate him, even though this will stop Gunther from taking down a potentially much bigger operation, and even though it looks like Issa isn't a terrorist at all. Only a US embassy attache (Robin Wright) shares Gunther's long-game approach, but can they delay the gung-ho cops?

While the central plot slowly cranks up some powerful suspense, it's the dramatic and thematic elements of the film that truly get under the skin, mainly thanks to Hoffman's world-weary performance as a man whose eyes miss nothing. And he's beginning to wish he could just close them and pretend all of this doesn't exist. Every conversation he has sparks with jagged insinuation, driving the entire film deeper as an exploration of the dangers of self-proclaimed "good guys" with too much military power, especially when they're paranoid. This is augmented by several personal layers of plot-threads, including Issa's own compelling mystery, beautifully played by a gifted cast that's great at saying one thing and meaning another.

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A Most Wanted Man Trailer

A German spy belonging to a secret anti-terrorist group named Gunther Bachmann embarks on his latest mission when an immigrant named Issa of both Chechen and Russian descent is discovered in Hamburg, following a traumatic experience of torture back home. Issa insists he is the heir to a large fortune, enlisting human-rights lawyer Annabel Richter to help him claim it, but Gunther's colleagues are not convinced; they believe he is an Islamic terrorist who needs to be arrested and interrogated immediately. Gunther sees things a little differently, and is more suspicious of his relationship with Richter rather than his more obvious circumstances, but when it suggested that Issa could be in league with a Muslim philanthropist who is also an advocate of terrorism, he has to decide if Issa is the villain his co-workers suggest he is. Or could he just be the imperilled victim of the whole situation?

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A Most Wanted Man - Clip

Gunther Bachmann is a German spy who has been enlisted by both German and American Secret Services to track down a Chechen-Russian immigrant named Issa in Hamburg who claims to be the heir to an enormous fortune in a private bank account. Gunther's colleagues believe Issa is an Islamic terrorist and request that he is rounded up and questioned immediately, however when Gunther discovers a suspicious relationship between him and his lawyer Annabel Richter, he holds back in order to find out what's going on in their heads. When he finds out that an Islamic charity boss is strongly linked to a terrorist organisation, he has to work out if Issa is in on it too - but could he be the biggest victim?

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SAG Awards Noms & Snubs: '12 Years A Slave' Leads The Way [Trailer]

Chiwetel Ejiofor Steve McQueen Jennifer Lawrence Daniel Bruhl Michael Fassbender Lupita Nyong'o Robert Redford Christian Bale Matthew Mcconaughey Jared Leto Cate Blanchett Sandra Bullock Meryl Streep Julia Roberts

12 Years a Slave hasn't even been released in most countries yet but has already been heaped with accolades with more awards bound to blossom from the scores of nominations Steve McQueen's movie has garnered. The Screen Actors Guild awards nominations are out and yet again the slavery drama starring Chiwetel Ejiofor has emerged on top with four major nominations.

12 Years A Slave Chiwetel Ejiofor
Steve McQueen's '12 Years A Slave' Leads The SAG Nominations.

The critically lauded movie is up for best ensemble, best male actor (Chewitel Ejiofor), best supporting male actor (Michael Fassbender) and best supporting female actor (Lupita Nyong'o). 12 Years will come up against American Hustle, Dallas Buyers Club, Lee Daniels' The Butler and August: Osage County in the coveted Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture category, according to the LA Times.

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'The Fifth Estate Bombs' - Cumberbatch Can't Save WikiLeaks Movie From Failure

Benedict Cumberbatch Daniel Bruhl Sandra Bullock George Clooney

Dreamworks and Touchstone could have been forgiven for being confident in their film, The Fifth Estate. They secured Benedict Cumberbatch, Daniel Bruhl, an intriguing story with infinite press, and only spend $28m putting the whole thing together.

the fifth estate
Daniel Bruhl and Benedict Cumberbatch in 'The Fifth Estate'

Financially, things were looking good, even if the reviews were worryingly negative. But it looks as though the critical mauling taken by the Wikileaks drama deeply affected those thinking of seeing it. Opening this weekend (18-20 Oct), The Fifth Estate grabbed a measly $1.7m – according to Box Office Mojo – putting it 8th in the top 10.

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Cara Delevingne Set To Star In Amanda Knox Movie As Gaze Shifts To Acting

Cara Delevingne Daniel Bruhl Colin Firth

It seems that Cara Delevingne is most determined to make acting her focus from now on. The model and current it-girl has had an extremely successful run during this year's September month of fashion but wants to expand her skillset into the world of drama, according to the Mirror.

Cara Delevingne
Cara Dazzled On The Catwalks During A Busy September.

Now, anyone who has seen Cara's performance in Karl Lagerfeld's Fendi horror film will know that the actress' skills leave much to be desired. However, being the connected individual she surely is, she must have pulled a few strings and cemented herself a role in an upcoming movie about Amanda Knox, who was on trial for the death of her British housemate Meredith Kercher.

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Benedict Cumberbatch Wins Praise For His Portrayal Of Julian Assange In 'The Fifth Estate'

Benedict Cumberbatch Daniel Bruhl Stanley Tucci Laura Linney Alicia Vikander Dan Stevens Peter Capaldi

The Fifth Estate has received mixed reviews in time with its release in US cinemas. The film follows the rise of Julian Assange and WikiLeaks to prominence. Although many have described the film as lacking in detail and merely showing the bare bones of the plot, this is summed up by Henry Fitzherbert of the Daily Express who wrote: "if you want to know more about Wikileaks and today's information war the picture is an excellent starting point. As engaging human drama, however, it falls short."

The Fifth Estate
The official The Fifth Estate poster.

Benedict Cumberbatch's performance as WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been highly praised by critics however. He stars in The Fifth Estate, which follows Assange's decision to publish the WikiLeaks website and his turbulent relationship with Daniel Domescheit-Berg at the height of the WikiLeaks controversy. The film, based on true events, shows politics on a local and global scale: from Assange's office to the centres of US government. Many governments worldwide considered Assange a threat to their national security whilst Assange was forced to wrestle with the consequences of his actions, namely that it would put others in danger. 

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Has Cara Delevingne Finally Got Film Career Going? Amanda Knox Role 'Confirmed'

Cara Delevingne Daniel Bruhl

After her disappointment at being overlooked for a role in Fifty Shades of Grey, Cara Delevingne has finally landed a major role. She’ll star, the Daily Mirror report, in the Amanda Knox trial movie, Face of an Angel.

Cara Delevingne
Cara Delevingne at London Fashion Week... being... fashionable?

A source told the paper: “It doesn't look like Cara will be playing 'Foxy Knoxy' but she will have a major role, as the director wants to focus on events surrounding the trial and the people whose lives have been affected by it.” The film will be based on the 2009 murder trial of Amanda and her boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito.

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The Fifth Estate - Featurette

'The Fifth Estate' stars Benedict Cumberbatch, Laura Linney, Daniel Bruhl and Stanley Tucci along with director Bill Condon talk about the upcoming movie in short featurette. The film tells the shocking story of WikiLeaks founders Julian Assange and Daniel Domscheit-Berg and their quest to share classified information with the world.

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'Rush' Amazes Critics With High-Octane Rivalry: Was 1970s Racing Really That Dangerous?

Ron Howard Daniel Bruhl Chris Hemsworth

Racing movie Rush has premiered in the US and UK and has drawn the crowds, rising to the top of the week's box office charts in the UK and garnering positive critical attention. Though the movie focusses on the famous rivalry between 1970s Formula 1 Racing drivers - Britain's James Hunt and Austria's Niki Lauda - the storyline has been praised for rendering its mechanical detail and sporting emotions accessible to those who have little to no interest in racing.

The Movie Centres On The Rivalry Between James Hunt & Niki Lauda.

The movie excels in its building of the tension between the two drivers, played by Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Brühl, as well as the high level of drama built up around what has been described as the golden era of racing. The drama of the sport is even emphasised in the trailer, where Brühl as Lauda declares "I accept every time I get in my car there's 20% chance I could die."

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Ron Howard Races Back Into Form With Incredible 'Rush'

Ron Howard Chris Hemsworth Daniel Bruhl

Following the disappointment of The Dilemma, there was little fanfare for Ron Howard's latest movie: a biographical flick about the rivalry between Formula One drivers James Hunt and Niki Lauder during the 1976 motor racing season.

Daniel BruhlChris Hemsworth [L] And A Disapproving Daniel Bruhl [R] In 'Rush.'

Set against the backdrop of the golden age of the sport, though also one of its most dangerous periods, Rush tells the tale of the handsome English playboy Hunt (played by Chris Hemsworth) and his methodical, relentlessly driven opponent Lauda (played by the outstanding Daniel Bruhl).

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Will Ron Howard's 'Rush' Stall At The US Box Office? [Trailer]

Ron Howard Chris Hemsworth Daniel Bruhl

Ron Howard took a risk when he decided to make Rush: what qualified the US director with no interest in European Formula One racing to turn the legend of the most heated racing driver rivalry of all time into a movie?

Chris Hemsworth
Chris Hemsworth Plays Racing Star & Party Boy, James Hunt.

Howard has admitted he knew nothing about the Hunt/Lauda rivalry of the seventies until he was handed a script by Frost/Nixon writer, Peter Morgan. Morgan's skilful screenwriting wouldn't have been enough to carry the movie on its own though; Rush needed a passionate force in the driving seat. Howard explained to the Wall Street Journal about the spark he saw in the real-life story, and how he planned to turn it into a movie that film fans aside from gearheads could relate to.

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Rush Review


Exhilarating racing action punctuates this true story, which sharply traces the rivalry between two Formula One champs. It's superbly well-shot and edited, with engaging performances from the entire cast. And with only one moment of calculated sentimentality, it's director Ron Howard's most honest movie in years.

The story begins in the early 1970s, when two rising-star F1 drivers clash over their very different styles. Britain's James Hunt (Hemsworth) is a swaggering womaniser, revelling in the rock-star lifestyle. By contrast, Austria's Niki Lauda (Bruhl) is a fiercely detailed technician who loves pushing barriers. They clearly see things they like in each other, so their different approaches on the track develop into a competitive relationship that spurs them to the front of the pack. Over the years, both meet their wives (Wilde and Lara, respectively) and move from team to team as they rise to the top of their sport. And their rivalry comes to a head at the 1976 German Grand Prix when world champion Lauda is involved in a horrific, fiery accident.

Morgan's script is essentially two biopics cleverly woven together to let us see the push and pull between these two iconic figures. Unexpectedly, Bruhl's Lauda emerges as the stronger character, with his grounded approach and sardonic wit allowing Bruhl to play effectively with submerged emotions. By contrast, Hemsworth's Hunt is little more than a gifted good-time boy who isn't worried about his lack of substance. It's a likeable, loose performance (we barely notice the wobbly British accent). Opposite them Lara and Wilde provide solid, subtle support, as do the fine actors who fill out the pit crews.

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Video - Chris Hemsworth And Director Ron Howard Talk About 'Rush' In Short Featurette

The director of 'Rush', Ron Howard, writer Peter Morgan and main stars Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Bruhl discuss the car-racing movie's themes in a short featurette.

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The Fifth Estate And We Steal Secrets - Why Does Assange Dislike Both Of Them?

Julian Assange Benedict Cumberbatch Daniel Bruhl

Cinematic adaptations of the WikiLeaks story were only a matter of time, but for those deeply intrigued by the events that surrounded the website and its whistleblowing founder, to have two in close proximity gives a great opportunity to gain insight. Julian Assange, as you’d imagine, has taken issue with both.

The Fifth Estate Benedict CumberbatchA still from The Fifth Estate, directed by Bill Condon

The Fifth Estate is a dramatized version of events, documenting the tumultuous journey of not only the website, but the relationship between Julian Assange and Daniel Domscheit-Berg – the man whose book the film is based on. We Steal Secrets is a fact-based documentary, directed by the notorious film maler Alex Gibeny, whose previous work includes Enron, the hard-hitting movie that took white collar criminals to task.

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Benedict Cumberbatch Stars As Julian Assange In WikiLeaks Thriller 'The Fifth Estate' [Trailer]

Benedict Cumberbatch Peter Capaldi Dan Stevens Stanley Tucci Laura Linney David Thewlis Alicia Vikander Daniel Bruhl Anthony Mackie Carice Van Houten

Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock) stars in The Fifth Estate as Julia Assange. The trailer was released yesterday (17th July) and the film is due out in US cinemas this autumn.

Benedict Cumberbatch
Benedict Cumberbatch at the London premiere of Star Trek: Into The Darkness.

The Fifth Estate tells the story of Julian Assange, the WikiLeak's founder, and his relationship with supporter Daniel Domscheit-Berg. Their relationship is placed under pressure at the height of the WikiLeaks saga. It focuses on Assange wrestling with his morals as he decides whether or not to publish information which may have endangered his sources.

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The Fifth Estate: WikiLeaks Thriller Starring Cumberbatch As Assange [Trailer + Pictures]

Benedict Cumberbatch Daniel Bruhl Laura Linney Stanley Tucci Julian Assange

The Fifth Estate – the WikiLeaks movie already denounced by Julian Assange himself – has its first trailer, in which we see Benedict Cumberbatch star as the founder of the controversial website. The film "traces the heady, early days of WikiLeaks, culminating in the release of a series of controversial and history changing information leaks," say the film's studio, DreamWorks, and is out on October 11th in the U.K.

The Fifth Estate Benedict CumberbatchThe Fifth Estate tells the story of WikiLeak's historic rise

The film doesn’t just chart the astounding journey taken by Assange and his website, but also the enigmatic Australian’s relationship with Daniel Domscheit-Berg. The pair were friends and colleagues in a doomed union that saw the website’s influence drive a wedge between them. It’s as much a personal story as it is a WikiLeaks story.

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The Fifth Estate Trailer

When Julian Assange began to leak damaging governmental information online through WikiLeaks, he was praised as a hero by many for finally showing the truth about unethical military operations such as the famous 'collateral murder' video showing an AH-64 Apache taking aim at some unarmed Iraqi journalists. One supporter, Daniel Domscheit-Berg, became good friends with Julian and eventually worked with him in his truth and justice exploits. However, when hundreds of names of government informers were under threat of being leaked, the pair were at a conflict as Daniel understood that many people's lives were at risk if the information got out while Julian remained determined to enlighten the public.

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Daniel Bruhl

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