Pop singer Daniel Bedingfield's music is inspired by a childhood illness that caused anti-social behaviour.

The GOTTA GET THRU THIS star, 23, has suffered from ATTENTION DEFICIT HYPERACTIVE DISORDER (ADHD) since he was four-years-old - but wasn't diagnosed with the condition until he was 15.

But rather than hinder his creativity - Daniel insists his ADHD experiences have shaped his songwriting skills.

He says, "I have had ADHD since I was a child and I still have it. I'm a very hyperactive person. It can cause me to say really nasty things to people and really hurt them without meaning to.

"The condition means I find it hard to keep concentration on things I don't like. But it also means that you can concentrate for hours on things that you do enjoy.

"It has helped my songwriting because when I write songs my brain is flooded with adrenalin and endorphins.

"All my songs have been influenced by my condition. Huge amounts of people in history who went on to great things had it.

"It gives people the drive to do things people are normally too scared to do. ADHD has given me self-discipline which is useful in this job and I'll use it to get married and have kids and stop my life from falling apart."

20/11/2003 13:41