Black metal rocker Dani Filth insists the gothic fascinations of his band Cradle Of Filth do not make him a Satanist.

Filth, real name Daniel Lloyd Davey, is adamant his interest in darkness and evil stem from his passion for great English literature, and his beliefs do not focus on the devil.

He says, "No one says to Stephen King, 'You must be a devil worshipper because you've written so many novels about evil.'

"We have a healthy interest in the dark side but I also like to play football and drive cars sometimes. That doesn't make me an expert in those things, either.

"There's a strong gothic influence in our stuff. A lot of our lyrics are inspired by (the poetry of LORD) BYRON and (PERCY BYSSHE) SHELLEY. It's about escapism and enjoying that.

"Our younger fans have got into reading great English literature as a result of our lyrics.

"It's better than going out on the streets pushing heroin."