Dane Bowers wants his ex-girlfriend Katie Price to stop talk about their infamous sex tape.

The 40-year-old singer filmed the X-rated footage with the 42-year-old former glamour model whilst they were dating from 1999 to 2001, it was eventually leaked and released on DVD.

The video now circulates on adult sites such as PornHub, but Dane just wants to forget about the film and he isn't happy that his former flame still, on occasions, feels the need to discuss their raunchy home movie.

Speaking to the Mirror Online, he said: ''I don't know her anymore. We'll say hello now and then. I don't really read anything about her. I think loads has gone on with her in the past few years.

''The tape is not something I really think about it and I'm surprised she would say anything about it. It's not on my radar really.''

The former Another Level band member has since moved to Dubai, where he is in the ''early days'' of a relationship with a new lady.

He added: ''I'm sort of seeing someone in Dubai at the moment, it's very early days, a very causal thing, we'll see how it goes.

''I quite like my own company these days but she's a great girl.''

Last year, Katie openly discussed what the pair got up to in the sex tape and ridiculed Dane's manhood whilst on stage at G-A-Y nightclub in London.

Katie said: ''I was with Dane Bowers... you know, it doesn't matter about the size - it's the feeling. It's the feeling.''

The couple met at the 1999 'Wild Wild West' premiere in London, but Katie made Dane wait before they had sex.

Writing in her autobiography 'Being Jordan' - named after her glamour modelling alter ego - she revealed: ''Dane was desperate to get me into bed. He would say, 'How much longer do you expect me to wait?' But I resisted. I wanted him to wait because of my job and my image.''

Just this week, the reality star hit back after was recently branded a ''s***'' by trolls accused her of sleeping around due to her various romances.

Taking to Instagram, Katie hit back by writing: ''I've heard every bit of abuse, insults and hurtful s*** naming calling under the sun from people who haven't met me nor @carljwoods , I'm sick of small minded trolls trying to put us down.

''I'm not a s*** I NEVER slept around being called a s*** is infuriating and cruel. There isn't many guys that would be able to handle the life changing injuries I have. Just be happy for me for once, I deserve it. (sic)''