Dane Bowers has been arrested after a brawl at a Butlins holiday camp where he was DJing. As if the fall from grace, from popular pop star, boyfriend of Katie Price and general all-round ‘someone everyone knows’ to ‘DJ at a Butlins ‘90s night’ wasn’t harsh enough, Dane and his mates all landed themselves in the clink after Saturday’s cheesy pop-fest (April 20, 2013).

A video emerged on YouTube of Dane being led away by coppers after his DJ set ended in a brawl and The Mirror have reported that it wasn’t just the former Another Level star that found himself in trouble. Dane, now 33 years old, was charged with assault after the holiday camp fisticuffs session and promptly got carted away by police officers. His brother Wade, 31, also got caught up in the trouble and found himself arrested for assault and for possession of cocaine. A friend, builder Terry Kean, 35, was held for using threatening words and also for possession of cocaine. A source from Butlins said “Dane was working as a DJ. the place was packed.” The three men will now have to appear before Worthing magistrates next month to face their charges.

Dane Bowers, who once found fame in the pop band Another Level and had a hit with Victoria Beckham (‘Out Of Your Mind’) in 2000, has never quite managed to retain his former glory. In 2010 he appeared on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here but lost to Alex Reid, who would later go on to marry Dane’s ex-girlfriend Katie Price. 

Watch footage of Dane Bowers arrested by police


Dane Bowers
The excitement of DJing at a 90s Butlin night was too much for Dane Bowers to handle