Dandy Warhols

Dandy Warhols - Cargo - 30 th August 2005 - Live Review
Dandy Warhols - Cargo - 30 th August 2005 - Live Review
Dandy Warhols


30 th August 2005

Cargo is not a large venue, but this gig was packed with sweating Dandy’s fans all itching to see their Portland heroes.

Decked out in army style cap and white Doors t-shirt Courtney was on form. He announced to the crowd after playing new single Smoke It “That’s the first time we’ve played that song live. Anywhere. So if you know the lyrics, (raising middle fingers) you downloaded it off the web!”

Opening with one of their old songs Ride, the band were camouflaged by the shocking strobe lighting while behind scenes of beautiful synchronised swimmers performed underwater acrobatics and treacherous dives.

Before introducing Welcome to the Monkey House Courtney addressed the his audience once more, “If this next record came out tomorrow instead of 2 years ago it would be f*cking massive, and there’d be twice as many assholes here as there are already!”

The band were tight and put on a great show. Joined on stage by trumpeter ‘Achilles’ these are professional musicians who have been on the scene for a while. The only disappointing thing of the whole night? No encore. Well, Zia did some out and sing a saucy lullaby.

I knew little about The Dandy Warhols before I went but I’m left wanting to know more.


Alex Mula