Review of Earth To The Dandy Warhols Album by Dandy Warhols

Album review of Earth To The Dandy Warhols by The Dandy Warhols.

Dandy Warhols Earth To The Dandy Warhols Album

Let's face it if your influences are among The Beatles, My Bloody Valentine, Simon and Garfunkel and The Beach Boys then you know that the music that this band is going to produce is NOT going to be boring. Having these as your influences however puts instant pressure upon then, as they automatically feel that they have to be at the same standard.

The one thing about The Dandy Warhols is that they do not do things by halves, and that is backed up with the release of their sixth studio album 'Earth To The Dandy Warhols'. This is madness condensed into a 6 inch CD and it is absolutely magical.

The one ironic thing about this album is that it seems like is anywhere but earth, this album was not mad from beings of this planet. You won't believe that each song off this album has been compiled by the same artist; in fact you would say that this is a bloody great compilation. This is only credit to the band.

'The World The People Together (Come On)' is an infusion of melodies, eltro, dance funk all in one which sets this album up to be an explosion in your ears (and not that kind of explosion, the minds of you people today) Next up carries on the trend in the shape of 'Mission Control' that is basically like that candy that explodes in your mouth, which at this point is the end of the whole explosion thing, I think you get the point that this album is like an adrenalin boost it is a real buzz and each track is another buzz after another.

Now every track is not as upbeat and banging as the ones mentioned and 'Welcome To The Third World' is like another world in the solar system that is 'The Dandy Warhols' and this is the Shaft disco style planet.

As we sail through this album we come across 'And I Dreamt Of Yes' and oh yes this track says it all. Well it doesn't say anything that makes any sense which is what this album is all about. The tune itself is great with distorted vocals and a continuous dark beat all the way though.

The thing about this album is that you can't pick a favourite song, not for the lack of good songs oh no the total opposite in fact. Even with tunes such as 'Talk Radio' and 'Love Song' even though they don't seem like they should be on this album at all, they just seem like the final piece in the jigsaw. The marvel and the madness of the record is just exquisite.

'Earth To Dandy Warhol's will release the beast that is within your soul so be warned and be aware of that fact when every emotions possible travels through your body colliding to the beat of the album.

For those people out there that is getting a bit bored of what is on offer out there and are bored, and can't think what the next album you are looking forward to hearing. Then spend the ten quid or so on this because 'The Dandy Warhols' will instil the faith back into you


Mark Moore

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