Review of 4 x 12 (2 of 4) EP by Dance To The Radio

Review of Dance To The Radio's EP 4 x 12 (2 of 4)

Dance To The Radio 4 x 12 (2 of 4) EP

After the high standard of the first instalment of four it's now the turn of the second episode for Dance To The Radio's compilation of EP's. The last EP contained three bands from Leeds and one from overseas.

Well this time it is two 'local' bands and two from our cousins across the waters. Bear Driver and Holy State are the two flying the flag for LEEEEEDDDDDDDSSSSS and Suckers and Das Racist flying the U S A flag! Who will win this battle of the bands?

To kick this off is Suckers, a bit of a silly name but that's not what this is about. Their piece is called 'It Gets Your Body Moving' and more or less straight away you are hit with a sound similar to Arcade Fire. The music is melodic, mesmerizing and harmonic. These four guys far from look the part but their track does exactly what it says on the tin. This is a perfect track to kick off the EP and mounts the pressure up on the other three bands to come.

Next up is Holy State, if you enjoy listening to noise then these are the guys for you. Now signed to respected label Holy Roar (home to Rolo Tomassi and The Ghost of a Thousand) it looks like it's set to be a good 2nd half of the year for this group.

We enter track number three and this is when you see that this EP goes from one extreme to another. Now it's time for a bit of Hip Hop! Das Racist are a two piece from Brooklyn, New York and are a breathe of fresh air. This brings you back to the times of De La Soul and Public Enemy. There is something to their music but im not sure they'd win the approval of the general public.

Last up is another band from Leeds Bear Driver with their piece 'Mind Attack' which is a mind blowing piece of music. The upbeat pace keeps the track moving along nicely and there's constantly something engaging happening. It seems that Dance To The Radio are onto a winning formula with these EPs and keep on bringing quality new music into the ears of the public.


Mark Moore

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