Review of 4 x 12 (1 of 4) EP EP by Dance To The Radio

Review of Dance To The Radio's compilation 4 x 12 (1 of 4)

Dance To The Radio 4 x 12 (1 of 4) EP EP

As far as compilations go Dance To Radio have been releasing compilations for many years promoting bands from Leeds. Bands such as Forward Russia! The Pigeon Detectives and The Grammatics have reaped the benefits from this venture. Dance To Radio offer something that a lot of other record labels wouldn't give the time of day to offer. New music from four bands on an EP and judging by their past success maybe other record labels need to take note.

To celebrate their fiftieth release Dance To Radio are set to release 4x12" which is to be a series of four 12 inch EPs. This being the first of the four and features four promising acts, it's definitely something for the "real" music fan out there.

The four chosen bands are: Wonderswan, Broadcast Society, Pulled Apart By Horses and Bear Hands, and yes they are all from that Yorkshire Town.

First up is Wonderswan in the shape of 'Hey Nature'. This brings you to the early 90s nostalgic feeling comprised with the vocals that seem effortless, but that's not saying that the vocals are lazy. This mixed with a strange guitar filled melody is like the success of something from Hells Kitchen. The only downside is that just as you get into 'Hey Nature' it feels over before it's begun, still a quality tune.

The next gem in the stone to rise from Leeds is (no not Jermaine Beckford) Broadcast Society with "Behind Your Back" the band are straight down the line, they play typical Indie Rock. Broadcast Society don't try to hide who they are and what they represent, and why should they at the end of the day "Behind Your Back" is an explosive addiction lets hope there is more to come from these guys.

Already causing waves and ripples in the music industry Pulled Apart By Horses are the third part of this EP. These guys are most certainly on a mission to rip through anything or anyone that's in their way (in a non violent way that is) "E = MC Hammer" is pure noise. Lead singer Tom Hudson is actually down as 'Souter/Guitarist' but he does it in such a way that moulds into the track superbly

After all this excitement it is down to Bear Hands to finish this EP off. It's a remix by Cale Parks of their track 'What A Drag'. A bit different to the other three tracks, and yet it does seem to finish the puzzle. 'What A Drag' is a bit more mellow and chilled out and is the perfect remedy to slowly bring you back down to Earth.

A brilliant EP and a must have for any music lover/collector out there!


Mark Moore

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