Review of Hey Everyone Album by Dananananaykroyd

Review of Dananananaykroyd's album 'Hey Everyone'.

Dananananaykroyd Hey Everyone Album

It's a pretty self explanatory album title- there's no doubt that Dananananaykroyd have clear intentions of introducing themselves to the world. By way of a further introduction (on 'watch this!'), there's always a strange thrill in hearing a band shout their name in a song; appealing on a playground level. And for a band whose sound has been described as 'fight-pop,' I guess you'd expect nothing less. Although invented genre titles aren't always helpful when describing a band's merits, there is a scrappy, edgy quality to 'Hey Everyone' which makes this a fitting choice of words. As a band they're brimming with energy, and they manage to be avant-garde without being unlistenable.

They're clearly having fun with what they're doing and it's quite infectious: songs such as 'Pink Sabbath' and 'Totally Bone' are just as frivolous as they sound. There's no dynamic left untouched - tempo, volume, melody - you name it and they'll most definitely mess around with it. It doesn't always come off perfectly, but then experimentation rarely does. There are some moments when the listener is left wondering what happened but overall, 'Hey Everyone' is playful and catchy enough to be an exciting listen. Granted it's an odd mix but there are pop sensibilities in there somewhere amongst all the merrymaking. They are currently touring Europe with the Kaisers, and anyone who has seen them live can attest that their live shows are even more riotous and colourful events than this album. Dananananaykroyd are sometimes puzzling, but they certainly never bore. And if you've not already introduced yourself, then you should do.

Natalie Kaye

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