Iconic singer Dana Gillespie was left stunned when reclusive star Morrissey emailed her to say that her cover of the song 'Spent the Day in Bed' was better than his original.

In fact, Morrissey was so impressed by Dana's interpretation that he took her out for tea at a posh London hotel.

Dana says: "It was such a thrill. Morrissey is such a brilliant songwriter, we had such fun together. What I love about the song is how relevant the lyrics are to today's world. It's about how it's better not to mess up with your brain by watching the news."

Dana's song can be found on her new album, 'First Love', which is being released on 31st May by Fretsore Records.

She told BANG Showbiz Managing Director Rick Sky during an outrageous two-hour video interview at London's Sanctum Hotel in Soho: "This album is technically my 74th album, and it's the first time for 50 years that I let someone else produce me and make some of the decisions. I have known Marc (Almond) and Tris (Penna) so well that I could trust them implicitly.

"Also, Marc and I have very similar taste in much of the music that I like, and he's been a great friend for years."

The single 'Spent the Day in Bed' went straight into the vinyl singles chart at number three and the physical singles chart at number six.

Commenting on the new record, Dana said: "It’s very unusual for me to do an album on which I haven’t written all the songs and it’s the first time in years and years that I’ve let someone else produce the album for me. Normally I do everything but, in some ways, it’s a bit of a relief and a joy to give it over to Tris and Marc, who are old hands at this."

She added: "I have some reason for having every song on this album, they’re not just thrown in there, randomly."

Marc Almond said: "Dana sings the life she lives and what a life indeed. The last of the great ladies of Bohemia, exotic troubadour and muse of Legends. An open mystery."

He continued: "A treasure waiting to be rediscovered, and famous for being unknown. The secret is out."