Actress Dana Delany is adamant Tv bosses will regret their decision to axe her medical drama Body Of Proof.

Executives at ABC decided against going ahead with a new season of the show in May (13), bringing it to an end after three runs.

The show was replaced by Lucky 7, which only pulled in 4.6 million viewers compared to the 7.6 million Body of Proof's finale enjoyed - prompting Delany to suggest bosses made a mistake in taking her show off the air.

She tells The Huffington Post, "I feel like we had three strong seasons. I would just like to mention that the show that replaced us got half the amount of viewers that we did.

"I think we did Ok. I think they could've kept us a little bit longer and I think they're going to probably regret it.

However, the former Desperate Housewives star insists she's enjoying a break from Tv's gruelling schedule: "You know what? I'm happy to be on vacation. I really am."