The upcoming live action Beauty and the Beast still contains many of the most important elements from the classic 1990 Disney animation, from the music to its humour.

But Dan Stevens, who stars as the Beast, is hoping the remake will being a whole new audience to the classic fairytale, who will find themselves just as enamoured with Belle and the Beast’s story as previous generations.

Emma Watson and Dan Stevens in Beauty and the BeastDan Stevens with Emma Watson in Beauty and the Beast

“One of the great things about the animated film is the blend of romance and classic fairytale telling as well as a bit of humour and fun and that’s something we’ve really tried to maintain in this, the romantic side as well as the silliness,” Stevens explained.

“I hope that we will do justice to the love that people have for the animated film and people feel like we’ve taken it on, moved it on a bit, brought something fresh to it, brought I few new songs to it.”

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“I hope that it becomes another classic really that families enjoy and that kids enjoy and get them to engage with the fairytale again because it is one of the great fairytales,” he continued.

One bit of added depth the writers have given the story, comes with Stevens’ character, whose path to becoming the Beast is now more fully explained.

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“Something that Bill (Condon, director) and I were really keen to bring out was the sense of this petulant, spoiled child and the sense of sort of entitlement that led to his downfall,” Stevens said.

“It was interesting to introduce that element and see that through and thread it though the Beast’s story and see him cursed not just for having refused a rose, but for all his other traits that he could be damned for,” he added.

Beauty and the Beast hits theatres on March 17, 2017.

Watch the trailer for Beauty and the Beast below: