There's no denying the incredible grip Walt Disney Studios has over the world of movies. Recently surpassing $1 billion in box office takings worldwide with its recently released live action adaptation of the classic 'Beauty and the Beast' film, it's enjoying some massive success, but doesn't let the celebrations slow down its future prospects and upcoming movies.

Dan Stevens and Emma Watson as the titular characters in 'Beauty and the Beast'Dan Stevens and Emma Watson as the titular characters in 'Beauty and the Beast'

With the likes of 'Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales', 'Thor: Ragnarok' and 'Cars 3' still to be released later this year, the studio look likely to rake in some big cash before the end of 2017.

Has the success of 'Beauty and the Beast' made those behind-the-scenes think about bringing a sequel to fans, however? It would be an unprecedented move and would be forced to involve a completely original story.

The movie recently surpassed $1 billion in box office takings worldwideThe movie recently surpassed $1 billion in box office takings worldwide

Talking to Variety, Dan Stevens who plays the Beast in the film was asked about the possibility of a sequel. He responded: "That's not a question for me. I'm not sure what turn that would take. I'm open to offers. It would seem odd for me to hear about it, but never say never."

Then questioned about whether he'd like to come back in the human form he takes at the end of the current movie, he said: "I'd kind of like to bring the Beast back."

Stevens starred in the film opposite Emma Watson as Belle, telling the story of how love can come from the most unexpected of places.

The movie also introduced Disney's first exclusively gay character in Le Fou (played by Josh Gad), whilst openly gay actor Luke Evans took on the role of the villain, Gaston.

With Gaston defeated and the Beast now back in human form, we're not entirely sure what shape a sequel could take. 

There's every chance a prequel could work however, telling the story of the Beast in the years before Belle showed up at his castle.

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'Beauty and the Beast' is still in cinemas across the UK and US now.