Community will at last be back on our screens in the new year and to celebrate the long-awaited return of the Greendale Seven (whose numbers have admittedly declined since the start of the show) an all-new trailer has been released by NBC. Marking the return of series creator Dan Harmon to the helm, the new trailer is a cinematic feast, coming across more as a movie trailer than a promo for a television series.

Dan HarmonJoel McHale
Dan Harmon and Joel McHale both make their welcome returns to Greendale Community College

It seems as though Joel McHale's Jeff Winger has finally been able to reignite his law career after spending four years at the community college, only for it all to come crashing down as soon as he could get things moving again. The pop culture references are right here just as you would expect, with Abed (Danny Pudi) comparing Winger's return to Greendale with season nine of Scrubs, posing, "It could be like Scrubs season nine - a revamp, a do-over."

Instead of Zach Braff returning to team budding medicine practitioners, Winger is back at Greendale to teach law, in his typical cynical style. It is a return that might not be as welcome as Winger would hope (obviously The Dean, played by Jim Rash, is overjoyed that he's back), with the gap between season four and five likely to explain the reasons why, we'll just have to wait until the show returns to find out what happened.

The minute-long trailer also features Breaking Bad alum Jonathan Banks as Greendale's criminology professor Pat Nichols, with the actor featuring predominantly throughout the 13-episode run of the new season. The new season will also see the return of John Oliver and will feature an appearance from Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan. As the hashtag at the end of the trailer suggests, it looks as though we could be well on our way to seeing six seasons and a movie! Check out the trailer below.

Jonathan Banks
Jonathan Banks will serve as a series regular throughout season five