It has been, perhaps, the most well-documented meltdown in the history of meltdowns, but for better or for worse, Community returns tonight with its season 4 premiere, 'History 101'.

The biggest controversy surrounding the cult comedy was Dan Harman's extraction from it. Harman was attributed with creating the show's wacky style and original plotlines - attributes that first attracted a loyal following. Another of the show's staples, Megan Ganz - one of the key writers - has also gone. It hasn't gone by without controversy, though, as a large section of fans question whether the show can be the same without its original show runner and best writer. 

Another change to the show heralds a dramatic drop in output. While seasons 1-3 of Community contained 23 fun-filled episodes, season 4 will only comprise 13, including three holiday specials (Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas), which, considering the delay to the show, will air in springtime. Doh!

The Huffington Post has been sent a couple episodes for review, and while they're careful not to spoil it for the fans, they've alleviated a few fears. "The new showrunners know that everyone is waiting for them to screw up "Community," so the season premiere foregrounds a story that acknowledges the viewers' fears about the kind of hacky show the NBC comedy could turn into in more conventional hands," goes the review. "To describe that plot in any detail would take away from the fun of it, but it's a reasonably funny satire of certain comedy conventions."

You can check out the Hunger Games-style trailer here...