The critics are split regarding whether the indefinite hiatus of NBC's flagging comedy 'Community' is a good or a bad sign. Pulled just 11 days before season four was set to premiere, fans and cast alike are left a little bemused.

In a statement from NBC they cite “concentrat[ing] promotional strength on [their] new NBC shows that are scheduled Monday through Wednesday” as the reason for the shock hiatus. They continue, saying “without having to launch these comedies on a Friday at this time, we can keep our promotion focused earlier in the week – plus we will have both comedies [Community and Whitney] in our back pocket if we need to make schedule changes”. stays positive in regard to the comedy beloved by many, saying “While it's sad we'll have to wait a while longer to catch the new season of Community... it actually may benefit the shows by keeping them out of the 'Friday night death slot', which has been a notoriously difficult day to air new shows for decades.”

Community has seen a number of set backs already, particularly Dan Harmon's forced exile from the show towards the end of the third season. Fans need not plunge into bereavement for the show just yet, the entire season has been shot so season four is definitely on its way at some point, but to squeeze out a fifth series may be not be on or even beyond the horizon.